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LA SENZA presentation

No description

Tho Le Duc

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of LA SENZA presentation

LA SENZA V. MARKETING STRATEGY MIX Product Promotion Place Price Value-based pricing HCM city
-> high income
-> a high quality product setting price for our product
in purpose of making La Senza become
high quality, affordability and elegant brand product mix pricing strategy New Product pricing strategy Product adjustment pricing strategy use market skimming pricing strategy: high price high quality high income low market share make sure based on product line pricing strategy La senza: different types of product push up demi cup strapless quantity discount
Ex: buy five get one discounted
price seasonal discount
Ex :Christmas discount
Tet holiday discount product form pricing
different form-> different price
-> customer will have more choices psy chological pricing
Ex: price less 50 cent
-> increasing purchasing use vertical marketing system exclusive distribution selective distribution “Giving a limited numbers of dealers the exclusive right to distribute the company’s products in their territories” (Principles of Marketing, 2009) => different price
-> customers look at price
->realize features of product “Selective distribution is the use of more than one but fewer than all, of the intermediaries who are willing to carry the company’s products” (Principles of Marketing, 2009). Ex: Nguyen Trai and Le Loi street Ex: Sai Gon center Advertising Sale promotion Personal selling Direct marketing Public Relation TV The Internet Magazines and Newspapers Ex: beautiful girls ages from 18 to 24 CRM LA SENZA volleyball girls tournament on the beach Fashion show Scholarship for poor schoolgirls Design contest Beauty contest VI. Action program
II. SWOT Analysis Strength Strategically located in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi high quality products
affordable prices
good shopping experience Well-known in more than 45 countries worldwide
for over 10 years No nationwide distribution of merchandises limited stores
poorly constructed website,
no online shopping system in Vietnam Joining Vietnamese lingerie market
at the end of year 2008 leading to low market share
Weakness Asian sizes are different from Western sizes
Opportunities Threats Tendency to purchase international products An increase in income and living standards The participation in WTO lowered trade barriers Applying new techniques to make modifications Uncertainty of
global economic recover Vietnamese prohibition
in lingerie advertising Experimental competitors
Low ecological rating
IV. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
A. SEGMENTATION B. TARGETING C. POSITIONING Geographical Demographical Psychological Evaluating Market Segments Selecting Target Market Segments
Concentrate on Ho Chi Minh
dynamic city
high population (3155 person/km2)
high annual income
rapid development

Recently opened to Ha Noi

Key group: 15 - 29 years old
(high population, strong demands...) Additional group: 30 - over 40 years old
(stabilities in jobs and lives) Higher prices than other brands -> higher monthly income Middle upper Class Indepence Self-motivated Creative "to provide an outstanding lingerie presentation
in a world class environment" young Vietnamese customers
because of the high rates in population and demands Differentiated Marketing Huge resources, variable products and markets Positioning Maps Differentiation and Positioning Value differences & Competitive Advantage Value proposition
PRODUCT DIFFENTIATION “La Senza brand name has become synonymous
with high quality, affordability and elegance”,
(Working, 2009) to launch new products in old markets needs
heavy investments MORE-FOR-MORE higher prices for higher benefits and also to cover higher costs “consumers are sometimes surprised, even delighted, when a new competitor enters a category with an unusually high-price brand” (Amrstrong & Kotler 2009) I. Current Situation Analysis Overview Founded in 1966 as Suzie Shier
owned by The Limited Brands
Opened its first store in 1990
become Canada’s premier lingerie retailer.
Owning and operating over 300 stores throughout Canada and another 250 retail outlets
in 28 countries worldwide.
High quality, affordability and elegance.
La Senza Vietnam Brought to Vietnam by
Maison Joint Stock Company.
Founded in 1966 as Suzie Shier, owned by The Limited Brands.
Opened its first store on Nguyen Trai street
(400 square meters) second store in Saigon Center.
Competitors: Triumph, Vera, Minoshe, etc…
Macroenvironment Demographic Economic Cultural Political
Vietnam’s population: 88,576,758 (July 2009 est.)
Ho Chi Minh’s population: 7,123,340 people
increased by over 200,000 people per year.
Ho Chi Minh city is the largest economic and financial hub of Vietnam.
Median age of female: 28,5 years (2009 est.)
Vietnam’s population is young, with 70% under the age of 35
increasingly urbanized consumers are sensitive to product quality and brands.
Rising incomes are apparent in the city’s changing shopping patterns
Brand names have recently accounted for only 20% of the Vietnamese market share while the remaining 80% was cheaper products

Most of Vietnamese women neglect about their choice for undergarment.
Ban on mannequins wearing underwear at public sites or storefronts, effective since June 15 2009
III. Objectives (SMART) La senza’s target consumer - middle upper class Vietnamese women from 18 - 35

These consumers pay attention to their bodies and styles, are frequent customers of beauty salons and services.
Customers Market FINANCIAL OBJECTIVES Last two quarters 2010 : 150% increase in net income
2011: 200% increase in annual net income
Gain 2% of market share in Ho Chi Minh city by the end of 2010.

Achieve more brand awareness by expanding
the selling system nationwide.
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