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Celebrity earn too much money?

No description

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Celebrity earn too much money?

Celebrities earn too much money?
besides their work, celebrities often lead a very active public life. For instance, they take part in different social events, radio or TV-shows, speak at meetings.

Consequently, they might not have enough time to spend with their own families. At the same time, famous people sometimes establish their own private funds for social purposes,

= I suppose that the claim that famous people have an easy life is not necessary true. Famous people are successful and wealthy, but they also experience a lot of pressure to do well.
Justin Bieber
age: 19

"Believe" and "Believe Acoustic," went on the Believe Tour and de-throned Lady Gaga as most followed celebrity on Twitter.
Taylor Swift
age: 23



"Red." music.
= famous people are usually very rich, but most of them make money with their own talent and working hard.
= having a lot of fans and being recognized in the streets.
Celebrities such as singers and film stars earn too much money, buy too many goods and care too little about other people.
= protected by bodyguards and have to protect their homes with security systems.
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