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Close Reading of Texts

An overview of what we mean by "close reading" -- as part of the shifts in the Common Core

Kevin Hodgson

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Close Reading of Texts

What It Is and How to Teach It
Close Reading
What is Close Reading?
"Close reading describes, in literary criticism, the careful, sustained interpretation of a brief passage of text. Such a reading places great emphasis on the particular over the general, paying close attention to individual words, syntax, and the order in which sentences and ideas unfold as they are read."
-- Wikipedia
Narrative (Author Stance)
What We Emphasize with
Close Reading
Read once for general understanding
Re-read text for specific understanding
Mark up the text with "code"
Focus on specific questions of inquiry
Active reading
Close Reading Strategies
Word Choice
Reading Complexity
Narrative (Author's Stance)
Who is telling the story or writing the article?
How are they telling the story or information?
What format is the story or article in?
The order in which words appear
Repeated phrases
Style of writing (format, informal, etc.)
Historical context of document, information, story
Author's background
C lose Reading in Action
Defining it Further
Why re-read a text?
* First read: Determine what the text says
* Second read: Determine how the text works
* Third read: Evaluate quality of content and make connections
-- Tim Shanahan
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