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Kitchen Chemistry Learning Objectives

Learning objectives for this unit for the information of students.

Jac Hancox

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Kitchen Chemistry Learning Objectives

Objectives skills you will develop stuff you will learn Scientific Thinking Investigating changes that you have observed Design and conduct experiments What happens if I do this? What do I think is likely to happen? Observing and collecting data What messages can I get from my observations and data? Scientific Language element molecule chemical formula acid base polymer oxidation supersaturated solution mucilage hydrolysis monomer You will know what these words mean and use them in your assignments. Scientific Reporting Your assignments will include all these sections: 1. Objective 2. Materials and Methods 3. Observations 4. Conclusion What do you hope to find out?
Why are you doing this? Everything you used and
exactly what you did. Exactly what happened? What do your results tell you? Chemistry Understanding You will understand the concept of the elements
and that when element atoms join together they create molecules.
You will understand that scientists describe molecules with molecular formula's You will understand
what monomers and
polymers are You will learn the basics
of what happens in
an oxidation reaction You will understand what an acid and a base is and know how they are measured on the pH scale You will learn the basics about
the saturation properties
of solutions. Organising and Planning You will plan your activity
from start to finish. You will organise your activity
safely and sensibly. You will plan how you will
present your assignment
before starting your activity and organise any equipment needed Multimedia Skills You will be developing your
multimedia skills by making
movies, slideshows, animations
and using digital pics in
reports for your assignments. You choose! Be creative!
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