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Teens Succeed

No description

Leah Lewandowski

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Teens Succeed

Teens Succeed
By: Leah Lewandowski
For my final Project I took pictures of my friend Boxing at the YMCA. This fits the teen succeed project because boxing is positive for the teen themselves and the community. First this benefits the teen because it provides her a way to get exercise and let out any negative energy. It's positive for the community because she is keeping herself healthy and doing a positive thing. This can help influence others positively and encourage them to do things like her.
Thank you!
Next, she does "Fist- ups", which are a lot like push- ups, but on your fists. This also helps strengthen her wrists.
To start off her boxing routine, Sydney has to put wraps around her hands and in between each finger. This provides her wrist support.
To start warming up she does stretches. This provides her strength so she does break her ligaments.
Meet the Boxer
Fist -Ups
Warming Up
Starting off
The Boxer in my photographs is Sydney Vance. She is a boxer of one year, and has a coach to teach her at the YMCA.
To finish off her warm- up, she jump ropes. This provide her a cardio work out, which helps since boxing uses a lot of cardio.
To start off using the punching bag, Sydney has to get into the routine of using step and different positions.
Punching Position
More Punching Positions
Visual Communications
In this photograph she is doing a Jab. Also she is in common stance to punch.
Next she puts on her gloves. This gives her padding on her hands.
In this photograph Sydney is doing a hook .
Final punch
In this final photograph Sydney is doing a Right- cross. Other position she could have done are an uppercut, double- jab, etc.
In conclusion I learned many things from this assignment. First I learned a lot about boxing. Also I learned teens should be recognized for more than doing bad things, like Sydney who spends her free time doing something positive for herself and the community. I also learned the ways teens doing something positive can influence the people around them.
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