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How Society Negatively Affects Self-Esteem

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Zoe Westelaken

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of How Society Negatively Affects Self-Esteem

How Our Brains Develop Self-Esteem
What is Self-Esteem?
Confidence in one's own worth and abilities; self respect. This is defined as self-esteem, it is a personal judgement of how one feels about themselves, whether it be positive or negative.
Society's Negative Impact
How Society Negatively Affects Self-Esteem

Society's impact on teenager's has become greater within the last generation and it hasn't been for the better. Things such as more advanced social media and how we are raised and developed are all factors of how we gain or lose self-esteem. How our generation looks, feels and acts has never been so criticized before. The high expectations of our society adds more pressure to those in it, sometimes resulting in corrupted self-esteem.
Influences of Puberty
Developing slower than others
Developing faster than others
Becoming a 'new you'
Expectations -
Everyone expects success and good grades and a good future.
Street smart/Academic smart -
Having lower self-esteem because you may be more street smart than academically smart.
Effort -
You may be putting lots of effort into your academics but not having the desired outcome like your peers.
Influences of Friends and Family
They believe they are "close enough" to state flaws
They don't think they're words are as hurtful because of the relationship
Knowing the people you are closest to still pick at your flaws
Recurring thought patterns
Past negative experiences
Negative comments (often ones that are repeated or personal)
Personal doubt or failures in one's own opinion
Abusive situations (Physical, Mental, Verbal, sexual)
How Does Social Media Impact Our Self-Esteem?
Worth/Popularity -
How many likes, retweets, favourites or comments are received.
Comparisons -
Teens are constantly comparing themselves to others who are also on social media.
Unrealistic Expectations -
Everyone on social media accounts are wishing to appear as others, who commonly use photo editing making the others expectations of what they wish to look like unrealistic.
The Problem...
The Effect of Sensitivity
What is Self-Esteem and How is it Built?
Social Medias Effect
Why is This an Issue?
Other Contributing Factors
Influences of School
Having a higher sensitivity to comments, concerns, situations and criticism. This causes you to break down every thing that is said to you to the smallest point and causes them to have a greater impact.
Having a low self-esteem can result in other illnesses.
Low Self-image
Low self-worth
Eating disorders
Starting off from just one doubt in yourself, can lead to a life full of doubt and troubles. Having a low self-esteem and change a whole persons life and not for the better.
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