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Weather Insruments

No description

Dave Ringham

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Weather Insruments

Weather Instruments!
By: Christian, & David
May-June, 2013

Weather Balloons
Computer Models
Weather Maps

These computer models have programs that show the weather and the possible outcomes. They are used to predict weather.
I bet you didn't think there was another
slide did you?
Today we are going to talk about technological weather advancements.
There are many new ways to find out the weather and to predict it. We are going to talk about the weather balloon, radar, weather maps, computer models, and satellites.
The weather balloon is a balloon that is released in the atmosphere. The weather balloon measures atmospheric temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity.
Radar is an electronic instrument that reflects radio energy. It tells the direction and distance of objects. It is used to see rain or snow.
The weather map shows the weather of the area. It has different symbols that means different things. The map shows meteorological features.
These satellites are used to monitor
weather from space they also monitor climate from space
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