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Timeline test

under construction

azrael fourtytwo

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Timeline test

500 AD Roman Empire Roman Republic Ancient Egyptian Empire Valdivia culture (roughly 3500–1800 BC) 1 AD 1000 BC 2000 BC 3000 BC 500 BC 2500 BC 1500 BC 3500 BC Eastern Roman / Byzantine Empire
(395–1453 AD) Battle of Actium
31 BC Colosseum
82 AD Western
Roman Empire Preclassic Maya Civilization (roughly 2000 BC – c. 250 AD) Zapotec Civilization (6th Century BC – 1526 AD) Olmec Civilization (1400-400 BC) Mesoamerica South America Preclassic Era (Formative Period) in Mesoamerica roughly 1800 BC c.200 BC Archaic Era in Mesoamerica roughly 3500 BC Paleo-Indian period Classic Veracruz Culture (roughly 100–1000) Teotihuacán (roughly 100 BC – 750) Tiwanaku (roughly 400–1000) Moche civilization (roughly 100–800) Huari Culture (roughly 500–1000) Chavín culture (roughly 900–200 BC) Norte Chico civilization (roughly 3500–1800 BC) Classic Era in Mesoamerica c.1000 BC Symbol collection for copy and paste Minoan Civilization (roughly 2700–1100 BC) Mycenaean Civilization (roughly 1900–1100 BC) Indus Valley Civilization (roughly 3300–1300 BC) Elam 2700–539 Akkadian Empire
(2334–2154 BC) Xia dynasty (c.2070–c.1600 BC) 500 AD 1 AD 1000 BC 2000 BC 3000 BC 500 BC 2500 BC 1500 BC 3500 BC Shang dynasty (c.1600–c.1046 BC) Zhou dynasty (c.1046–256 BC) Qin dynasty
(221–206 BC) Qin Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) Neolithic China Neolithic China East Asia South Asia Central Asia Mesopotamia North Africa Asia Minor Greece Italy Europe America China Wei Three Kingdoms
(220–280) Wu Shu Warring States period
(476–221 BC) Western Zhou
(c.1046–771 BC) Eastern Zhou (771–256 BC) Spring and Autumn period (771–476 BC) Jin Dynasty
(265–420) Southern and Northern Dynasties (420–589) Sumerian city-states Hittite Empire
(c.1350–1180 BC) Phoenicia (roughly 1200–539 BC) United Kingdom
of Israel
(c.1030–c.930 BC) Neo-Assyrian Empire
(934–609 BC) Hallstatt culture
(roughly 800–450 BC) La Tène culture
(roughly 450–1 BC) Achaemenid Persian Empire
(c.550–330 BC) Median Empire
(c.678–549 BC) Neo-Babylonian Empire
(626–539 BC) Etruscan civilization (roughly 800–264 BC) Roman Kingdom
(753–509 BC) Dark Age of Greece Archaic Greece 1 AD 100 BC 300 BC 500 BC 400 BC 200 BC Parthian Empire
(247 BC – 224 AD) Sassanid Persian Empire
(224 – 651 AD) Roman Egypt (30 BC – 395 AD) Byzantine Egypt
(395–645 AD) Umayyad
Caliphate Colosseum
82 AD Arab North Africa Al-Andalus / Moorish Iberia (711–1492) Spain France Roman Hispania (218 BC – 400 AD) Migration Period in Europe (roughly 300–700) Germania Britain Roman Gaul (50 BC– 486 AD) Roman Britain (43 – c.410) Visigothic Kingdom (418–711) Lydia Maya Classic period (c. 250–900) Preclassic
collapse South East Asia Egypt Classical Greece Empire of Alexander the Great
(336–323 BC) Carthago (539–146 BC) Early Dynastic Period of Ancient Egypt (31st to 27th centuries BC) Old Kingdom (c.2686–2181 BC) Middle Kingdom (2055–1650 BC) New Kingdom (1550–1069 BC) Late Period of Ancient Egypt (664–332 BC) Achaemenid Egypt (525–332 BC) 1st Intermediate Period
of Ancient Egypt 2nd Intermediate Period
of Ancient Egypt 3rd Intermediate Period of Ancient Egypt Prehistoric Egypt
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