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The Woman in the Snow

Book Report Example

Carol Birdsell

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of The Woman in the Snow

Book Report The Woman in the Snow "The Woman in the Snow" explains the plight of the black people in the south before the Montgomery bus boycott. IVF Summary Statement Brady-poor, mean, and obese

Characters A city in the south just before the civil rights movement. The "Hall Street Express" is the bus route where most the action take place.

This creates tensions and a spooky place. Setting Racism created hardships for many black Americans.
Grady was haunted by his abusive father.
The young mother was not put to rest until a kind act was presented to her. Conflict Change in Character
through conflict resolution

Young mother goes away when Ray, the next bus driver, is nice to her. Good will always win over evil. Theme I really learned a lot about the civil rights movement, and what it was like. Having the story take place during that time made it a little creepier, because i wasn't expecting a scary story. Critique By Patricia C. McKissack
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