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yohan ww2

No description

Monica Johnston

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of yohan ww2

This picture shows
Hitlers best tank. The picture below shows
Hitler. Below is one of the toughest
weapon of Hitler. Hitlers military blunders Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was the leader of the nazi party.

Hitler hated jews so much that he killed millions of jews. Information about
Hitler. Hitler was born in April 20,1889.

Hitler killed millions of jews.

Hitler was the leader of the nazis.

Hitler had a bunch of secret weapons.

Hitlers best weapon was a tank.

Hitler took over a bunch of areas. This shows a tank of WW2. Below shows some soldiers that are getting of the boat for war. The book below is a soldier that wrote a journal during WW2 time. Below shows a
video of WW2. Below shows another video of WW2. Well this is it, i hope you learned allot.
see you next time. Thank you
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