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What is Oxstour?

No description

Artem Volov

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of What is Oxstour?

What is Oxstour?
Oxstour is an app connecting individual and small groups of travelers interested in guided tours with tour guides in real time. The app is in pre-alpha stage with estimated launch in mid-summer 2017.
In simpler words:
The app is used by
on one side
And ...
on the other side
connets them
This leads to fast on-demand tours
But there is an issue at this stage
There are many individual travellers
Our customers are using the app with sole prpose of satisfying their curiosity.
Our proposition is not vital for it but it provides customer with more options.
Customers need to feel safe using the app.
Our solution accommodates for it.
Saving money
People prefer cost effective solutions of their problems.
Our proposal will help to greatly drive down the costs for end consumer.
Although it is not a goal of our solution, it will also help customers meet new people with similar interests if they choose to do so.
Our market:
28.8mil visitors to london a year
17.4 international and 11.4 domestic
Holiday visitors:
8.9mil international
3.2mil domestic
274mil day trips!
Our customers' needs
They want a tour around London, but do not necessarily want an individual tour.
But they did not travel in a large group.
We help to connect and organize them in groups.
this solves our customer needs!
Customers still get fast on-demand tours!
Even if there is a bad apple in the group, no one is meeting one on one, making it safer for everyone
Saving money
The cost of guided tour is spread between people in the group, making it a more affordable solution
A group is made up by people you have never met from all over the world, who share the same interest!
Thank you for your attention!
We are creating a plan to add value and versatility to Oxstour
But, before we explain to you our plan let us tell you what Oxtour is and why market needs our idea!
So we will start with obvious first question.....
So our goal is:
To create the best way to turn a bunch of strangers and curious people into an organized tour group
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