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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

No description

Teri Newman

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
This story starts when Sid tells Aunt Polly about Tom playing hooky and going swimming. His punishment is to white-wash a thirty-yard long fence. Then, he comes up with an idea. If he makes it look fun, then other people wold beg to do it for him.

By : Teri Newman
Author : Mark Twain
Huckleberry Finn
Becky Thatcher
Tom Sawyer
Joe Harper
Aunt Polly
Mr. Dobbins
Amy Lawrence
Doctor Robinson
Muff Potters
Injun Joe
Peter the Cat
Mrs. Harper
Alfred Temple
Mr. Thatcher
The Widow Douglas
Tom Sawyer's House
Jackson's Island
Haunted House
Later in the story, Tom's crush, Becky Thatcher, is introduced. At first, she is not interested in Tom, but after he says that he'll teach her how to draw, she starts to like him. Tom tells her what it's like to be engaged, and accidentally tells her that he was engaged to Amy Lawrence. They have a big fight, and ignore each other.
Next, Huckleberry Finn and Tom decide to go to a graveyard, and have a few adventures. They hide behind gravestones, and see Dr. Robinson, Muff Potters, and Injun Joe. They dig up a corpse from a graveyard. Injun Joe and Dr.Robinson start to fight. Injun Joe hits Muff Potters in the head with a tombstone, and he falls down unconsciously. Then, Injun Joe kills Dr. Robinson, and puts the knife in Muff Potters hand. When Muff Potter wakes up, Injun Joe tells him that he killed Dr. Robinson while he was drunk. When Tom and Huck get away, they swear to each other that they won't tell anybody anything about what happened that night.
Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Joe Harper decide to go to Jackson's Island because they think that nobody likes them. They stay at the Island for a few days. During those few days, Tom sneaks out to tell Aunt Polly.
Tom keeps on having nightmares from that night at the graveyard. He feels guilty because Muff Potters was going to be hung. He decides to bring him cigars, bits of fruits, and other foods to ease his guilt. He ends up telling the court about that night. Muff Potters gets released from jail, but Injun Joe runs away.
Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn decide to hunt for treasure. They go inside a haunted house.They see Injun Joe and another man having a conversation about their treasure and planning their revenge. Tom and Huckleberry become terrified, so they run away.
Becky Thatcher and her family decide to have a large picnic with the whole neighborhood. Everyone goes inside a cave. Tom and Becky end up getting stuck in the cave for three days, and only Tom knows that Injun Joe was in there as well. Tom keeps exploring the cave, and finds a way out. He helps Becky get out of the cave. Tom tells everyone about his adventure. When Mr. Thatcher tells Tom that he sealed the cave, he turns pale. Mr. Thatcher asks Tom what was wrong, and Tom tells him that that Injun Joe was still in the cave. They end up finding Injun Joe at the front of the entrance of the cave, dead.
When Tom tells Huckleberry that the money is still in the cave, they decide to go in and retrieve it. When they find it, they divide it in half. The Widow Douglas has a party for Huckleberry, since he saved her life. She also says that she will take care of him. At the end of the story, Tom tells everybody about the money.
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