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The Avengers

This is my prezi on The Avengers for a school presentation.

Cristina Carbonell

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of The Avengers

Thor breaks the truce between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants by confronting the Frost Giants along with his brother Loki and his friends Sif, Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun. A battle ensues until Odin saves the Asgardians. Odin, as a punishment, sends Thor to Earth and strips him of all his godly powers and his place as King of Asgard. As a human, Thor undergoes a variety of comedic situations. By: Cristina Carbonell The Avengers is a team of superheroes created by Marvel Comics. The team made its very first debut in September 1963. The team was created by writer/editor Stan Lee and artist/co-plotter Jack Kirby. The Avengers, also known as "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", currently consist of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and a lot more that were not included in the 2012 film. The movie has become hugely popular all over the globe and the comics have as well. General Chester Phillips saw something in Steve.
While overhearing his plea for fighting for the country he loved so much, he gave Steve a life changing preposition. He offered Rogers the opportunity to take part in a top secret, performance-enhancing experiment, Operation Rebirth. He agreed and was taken to a secret laboratory in Washington D.C. There he meets Dr. Abraham Erskine, the creator of the super-soldier serum. After weeks of tests, he was finally administered. He was bombarded by vita-rays and injections. Once he emerged from the vita-ray chamber, his body was the epitome of a perfect human body. He was no longer frail nor skinny. He was in perfect shape to fight for the country he would give anything up for. A Nazi spy killed Dr. Erskine not too long after Steve emerged from the chamber. You might be wondering how Steve was born is 1922 and is part of the Avengers initiative, which takes place in 2012. Steve, trying to stop a bomb-loaded drone plane, fell into the icy waters of the English Channel when his plane exploded and his partner, Bucky, perished. The formula instilled in Rogers prevented the crystallization of his bodily fluids. He then went into a state of suspended animation and was frozen for 71 years. Rogers was thawed out years later in 2012 and he joined the Avengers. With his superhuman abilities and combat training, he would be an amazing addition to the team and the remarkable leader of the Avengers. He is portrayed by Chris Evans. Iron Man (Anthony "Tony" Stark), son of inventor, Howard Stark, was gifted with extreme intelligence. He showed his mechanical knowledge and extraordinary inventive genius at a very early age. He was enrolled in the undergraduate program for electrical engineering at the age of 15. When he turned 21, he inherited his father's business, Stark Industries, and turned it into a multibillion dollar industry that makes munitions and advanced weaponry for the U.S. government. Captain America's story starts 70 years prior to publication. Captain America (Steve Rogers) was born July 4, 1922 to his parents, Sarah and Joseph Rogers, who were poor Irish immigrants. Steve grew up during the Great Depression. He was raised in an Irish Catholic home which can explain how his strong sense of duty, honor, and humility was instilled in him. His father died when he was a child and his mother died years later from pneumonia when Steve was in his late teens. As he got older, he had a passion for joining the military but his dream was crushed because he was too frail and skinny. Tony went to Afghanistan to see a field test of one of his transistorized weapons.
He tripped on a booby trap and a piece of shrapnel was lodged into his chest. Tony, injured, was held captive by the revolutionary leader, Wong-Chu, who informed Tony that he will die in a matter of days because the shrapnel will penetrate his heart. Wong-Chu offered Tony a deal. If he made him a powerful weapon, he would let him get surgery to save his life. Tony knew he was lying but accepted anyway so he can have access and time with his tools. He gained access to a tiny lab where he meets Professor Ho Yinsen. With Yinsen as his assistant, he made an amazing suit of armor which contained a device that would keep his heart beating despite the shrapnel. Tony connected the suit to an electrical generator. Tony was helpless, lying on a table, while his suit charged. Wong-Chu felt something was wrong so he sent armed men to see what Tony was doing. Yinsen tried to confront Wong-Chu so Tony could have time to charge his suit fully but he was killed. In the Iron Man suit, Tony avenges Yinsen's death by killing Wong-Chu's soldiers. Tony escapes to the jungle with his suit on, which is all that is keeping him alive. He runs into James Rhodes, a U.S. Marine who's helicopter had been shot down by rockets on a mission. After Iron Man helped him fight off an enemy, Rhodes let him drain the battery from the helicopter to recharge his suit and they found a rocket base and flew to the nearest American base. Back at the U.S., Tony redesigned his armor. He made the existence of the suit public. He said that he would manufacture the suit to be sold. Tony attended a tennis match with his then fiance, Joanna Nivena. Terrorists invaded the match and threatened to kill everyone there. Joanna convinced him to put on the armor and fight them off. Tony did so and saved the spectators and everyone else. Iron Man publicly became a hero. Tony realized what he wanted to do. He wanted to fight off evildoers as Iron Man. He became a part of the Avengers and has had his share of arguments with Captain America but all in all they truly love each other like brothers and they are the true foundation for the Avengers. Thor Odinson is the only Avenger who is a God. He is the God of Thunder and is the blood son of Gaea and Odin, All Father of the Asgard. Thor was raised with his adopted brother, Loki, who's father was a Frost Giant named Laufey and was killed in battle. For all of their childhood, Loki was always jealous of Thor. Loki's jealousy turned into hatred, and resulted in a strong desire to kill Thor. An astrophysicist named Jane Foster and her assistant Darcy Lewis along with her mentor Dr. Eric Selvig find Thor in the middle of New Mexico while driving down the road. The police have Thor's Mjolnir, trying to figure out what it is. S.H.I.E.L.D tries to get all the data they need for finding out where Thor came from and how he got here. When Thor becomes an Avenger a year later, it is because Loki went to Earth and Thor chased after him. Knowing it is his responsibility to fight Loki along with the rest of the Avengers, he does so. Deep down Thor has always loved Loki as a true brother but Loki always felt inferior to Thor. The Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner) is the son of an atomic physicist, Dr. Brian Banner and his wife Rebecca. Brian hated Bruce but Rebecca loved him with all her heart. Brian believed his son was a mutant and abused him and murdered Rebecca. He was placed in a mental institute. Bruce, a child prodigy, was raised by his aunt, Mrs. Drake. After graduating Science High School, he was a star student at Desert State University. As an adult and a genius he went to the U.S. Defense Department nuclear research facility at Desert Base, New Mexico. Bruce designed a Gamma Bomb which predicts the pathway of how he became the Hulk. Bruce was present at the test site for the Gamma Bomb. Observing that a civilian had breached security and entered the restricted area, Bruce told his colleague, Igor, to delay the countdown while he saved the civilian. Igor was secretly a Soviet agent so he did nothing, certain that Bruce would die in the explosion. Banner threw himself into a protective trench with the teenage civilian, Rick Jones. Before Bruce could save him, the Gamma bomb detonated and there were intense waves of radiation. However, Bruce was not killed in the explosion. He was irradiated with highly charged radioactive particles. Thanks to a genetic factor in Bruce's body, he was safe and instead turned into a humongous green monster known as The Hulk. At first, Bruce was himself by day and the Hulk by night. That soon changed and his transformation into the Hulk depended on how much adrenaline was released throughout his body. Situations when adrenaline is released in his body, like when he gets really angry, is when he transforms into the Hulk. Bruce soon became a part of the Avengers to stop Loki. Black Widow went to retrieve him but was scared he would get angry so she placed security all over his home. They convinced him to join the Avengers and he and Tony became close because of how much they love science and technology. He was the only one of the Avengers who didn't argue with anyone as much in the movie. He is portrayed by Mark Ruffalo. Black Widow (Natasha Romanov) is a master assassin from Russia who works for S.H.I.E.L.D. When she was a baby, Nazis set the building Natasha was living in on fire and her mother threw her out of the window to a Russian soldier right before she died. The soldier was Ivan Petrovitch, who would watch over Natasha her entire life. While under his protection, many adversaries tried to attack her. Baron von Stucker captured her
and forced her to be their master assassin. She remained with Stucker until Captain America, Wolverine, and Ivan saved her. Ivan took Natasha to Department X, where she was trained in combat and espionage at the "Red Room" facility. She started training under the Winter Soldier. It was there where she was first dubbed the Black Widow. Black Widow was assigned to assist Boris Turgenov in the assassination of Professor Anton Vanko for defecting from their country by infiltrating Stark Industries in America. Tony Stark always foiled her schemes. Black Widow then met Hawkeye and she turned him against Tony. She tried to raid Tony's munitions plant. The mission ended in failure and she was injured and taken back to Russia. She got a new costume that was more advanced and that better allowed her to scale walls. Natasha was brainwashed to go against the Avengers by her masters. As soon as Natasha shook off the effects of the brainwashing, she made amends with the Avengers and assisted them against a racist group called the Sons of the Serpent. Soon she became a part of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. She assisted the Avengers in defeating Loki in the movie. She is portrayed by Scarlett Johansson. Hawkeye (Clint Barton) was orphaned at an early age. He was sent to a children's foster home with his brother, Bernard. They ran away to join a traveling circus, acting as roustabouts. While he was a member of the circus, Clint was trained by the original Swordsman and by Trickshot. While watching Iron Man in action, he tried to emulate him by wearing a colorful costume and using his amazing archery skills to fight crime. However, during his first public appearance as Hawkeye, he was mistaken for a thief by police. He became Black Widows partner and they fought Iron Man on many different occasions. Even though Hawkeye was romantically involved with The Black Widow, he did not enjoy a life of crime. He approached the Avengers and told them about his desire to become good. Iron Man sponsored his membership on the team. He remained an active member of The Avengers for years. With his very rebellious personality, he argues with Captain America often but their teamwork never faltered when faced by outside threats. Tony and Steve are a lot like brothers and despite them arguing most of the time they are still best friends. The End
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