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Media In Sport

No description

Dan Franklin

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Media In Sport

Media In Sport
This lesson will look at how sport is affected by:
- TV
- Sponsorship
- Advertising
- Spectatorism
- Rule Changes
- The Internet
- Newspapers
- Sensationalism/Jingoism
- Gender Imbalance
How does television affect sport?

Give examples
Negative impact
'Minority sports' such as Equestrian, Canoeing, etc

Popular sports monopolise the funding from TV companies

Minority sports have lower intake of new players
When broadcasters only focus on male athletes or athletes from one country
Media in Sport
What have you noticed about the advertising during sports matches?
The internet
- Live streaming
- Highlights
- Statistics
- Fantasy teams/competitions
- Online betting
- Forums
- Links to player/team pages via social media
- Interact the players themselves via Twitter
- Instant updates, wherever, whenever
More people are watching, fewer are playing... discuss
Why do companies sponsor teams/players?

Why do some pay more than others?

Is this fair?

- The types of adverts you see (who are they targetting?)
- How many adverts are there?
- At what times do you get the most adverts?

Rule Changes
Some examples include:

'The 2 min Warning' at the end of each half of American Football

The division into 4 quarters in Basketball

Both for advertising!
Does success sell newspapers?

Blowing things out of proportion is 'Sensationalism'
Gender Imbalance
Is there equal coverage for male and female sport in the media?
- TV
- Newspapers
- Internet

Why is this?
How POWERFUL is the media in sport?

Write down your answer in bullet points and some will be shared amongst the group
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