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Zombie Survival Plan

No description

Anis Karahmetovic

on 8 February 2017

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Transcript of Zombie Survival Plan

The Plan
We have 4 people, $150 each, $600 total. With this we will divide our buying, one of us will focus solely on food, the other on a form of housing, another on other items that are neccessary, etc. With a car, we can head to Lake Sydney Lanier, where we can then kayak individually to an isolated island. This island is where we will set up camp. Throughout the next few months, we can purify water from the lake for drinking, cleansing, cooking, etc. We will also begin to plant seeds in the soil, these being radishes and bush beans which grow in about 2-3 weeks. For the first 2-3 weeks we will ration out storaged food. With this system in constant flow, we can survive as well as make expeditions out to the main land at times for any extra items.
The Enemy
With a zombie apocolypse, there are multiple things that we are fighting. However the most obvious would be the actual zombies, which in this case, have Necrotizing Disease. This is a flesh eating disease which is a small bacteria that is transfered through open wounds. This can be cured if prevented at first notice, and life expectancy is not high once it has developed. Early symptoms include redness, rash, and burning.
Purchases - Part 2
Elastic Coverall Suit [4] ($9.48)
Solar Powered Battery Charger ($33.00)
Bungee Cord Set ($12.79)
Solar Charger-USB output ($18.99)
Multitool/Pocket Multipurpose tools ($13.59)
Brown Tarp 12' x 16' ($14.99)
Colgate Toothpaste - 3 Pack ($9.92)

*There are multiple items that we are also bringing, but already have at home. Examples of such are our clothes, weapons, and technological devices.
Purchases - Part 1
Ozark Trail Family sleeps 10 ($107.42)
Sleeping Bags [2 ct] ($20.76)
The dirty gardener Heirloom Burpee Crimon Giant radishes 400 seeds ($1.99)
120 pc First aid kid with water filteration straw ($35.00)
Rugged Knife Multitool Swiss Style Army pocket knife ($9.99)
Nature made Vitamin C 500 mg 100 count [2] ($3.70)

It is Friday, after a long week at school you decide to have some friends over for a movie marathon. You decide to go to your local Super Wal-Mart to prepare for the weekend pig-out. Upon your investigation your eyes are glued to the TV. No one has to describe to you the horror of what is being viewed, a real life zombie apocolypse.
Book of Choice
Zombie Survival Plan
Anis K, Brianna B, Zaniyah P, Nia H
Infection Prevention
The virus, Necrotizing Disease, is a bacteria that spreads throughout the body and dissolves the flesh and muscle. It enters the body through an open wound and then begins to spread from that wound. If one of us was, somehow, exposed to the virus, there are multiple things we could do. The original plan would be to tightly wrap cloth around the limb, cutting circulation, and then douse it in penicillin, which is known to kill the bacteria. The other option we have is amputation. Once we notice symptoms, treat the area, then no longer see any symptoms for a few days, we can resume to our regular survival plan.
The book SAS Survival Handbook by John Wiseman is the book of choice for us as it explains, in detail, the necessary tasks that we must do, it also explains skills that are either necessary to our survival or are useful to make survival easier. It will allow us to better understand what we must do, how often we must do tasks, and how long we will be able to live based on our predicament and the items we have at hand, as well as how to use the items we have to the best of our ability for the most optimal results.
*Items we purchased, or pictures we used, were obtained from the following websites

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