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HCCC Case Study

No description

Karl Stybe

on 26 July 2014

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Transcript of HCCC Case Study

HCCC The Back Story
Founded in 1968
Located 40 miles from Metro areas
Rural and Manufacturing Economy

Served 11 Mills for Three Decades
Trained Workers
Owners built golf courses, sports facilities and civic center
No Investment in Equipment
Okay Okay maybe not as old as all that ...but you get the idea
Long Term President

Happy County Demographics
32% Urban 68% Rural
Population 60,976
COL Index 82.3/100
Median Age 46/37
Ag: 42,000 Acres
41 Full Service Restaurants FSR
Borders on Yuppy County Population 969,031 w/804 FSR and Nascar County Population 184,498 w/136 FSR
The Boiling Frog
1998 1 Mill RIF
2004 1 Mill RIF and Close
2007 3 More Mills Close 2009 5 More Close
Only 1 Mill Left
Producing These Simple Products Cheaper Overseas
The Mills Fell into Disrepair
The last slide was a bit over the top
The closing of the mills caused the public facilities to decline
Without jobs workers left
FTE at HCCC Fell
Finance and Enrollment
Traditionally 1500 FTE on a 3 year rolling average
Complacency lead to delayed reaction
President and Board not want to invest in technology
Can't raise tuition
State/County/Tuition - Equal Three Way Split
Closing Factories: FTE declines to 1000 (a decline of approximately $2.7 million
RIF, reduction in program offerings, and deferred maintenance
Many faculty and staff retire/morale down
Students transfer to 4 Year institution-other programs suffer
Congratulations!! You are Hired.......
So What Do you Do?
First Things First
Gather Constituents at a retreat and Work on the Mission
"The mission of HCCC is to enrich our community through lifelong learning, training and workforce development. HCCC will promote individual and community growth and instill a sense of entrepreneurship for social and economic development"
What is Our Vision?
Where are We Going Together?
At HCCC, our vision is to offer world-class programs and services to ALL stakeholders that will EXCEED their expectations, and to provide exceptional opportunities for lifelong learning, training and workforce development.

This will be on book marks, posters, cozies.....EVERYWHERE
Board of Trustees

You may not have been everyone's first choice but now you need to reach out
Keep that relationship with the Chair strong
Listen to them, they were mostly all long-term mill associates-they are very familiar with the industry so capitalize on that knowledge.
High Tech Industry
High Tech Military Related Industry is Coming to Your Area
North State has two of the largest military installations in the US
Reach out to them along with the new Economic Development Director, the Chamber, and the Chairman of the BOT as well as area business leaders
They will be employing over 1000 local workers: What skills do they need? What facilities can we offer?
Begin reaching out to other high tech employers
Go With What You Know
Rothtec Engraving is working on IR Reflective Cloth - The South is a far less costly place to manufacture than Massachusetts
Intelligent Textiles Ltd. Producing cloth that combines electronics in England.....They have contracts with the US and Canada. You cannot do anything in England inexpensively....that is why they invaded everyone
CYR Precision is doing the same thing in Brooklyn $$$
The North State could be an attractive option......location, location....now sell the concept
Let the old school doubters know it may be high tech but it is still textiles, so relax
Depth on the Bench
Meet with Interim VP of Student Services to get a better idea of what she wants to do---Do not make assumptions
Discuss with Division Chair of Arts and Sciences the VP of Instruction Position
Search for new VP of Finance
Continue to Develop the Director of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness - Encourage her PD
Keep the Right People on the Bus and Get the Wrong Ones Off
Came From a Mill Family
Worked Well with Owners
Well liked but generally a status quo type certainly not a Transformational Leader
"Things are going well so why invest in equipment and technology?"
Former HCCC President Ost Rich
Plan for Now and Tomorrow
Programs of Study
Take some of the excess $250,000 fund balance monies and conduct a market analysis to get a better understanding of what is going on in the region and the state
Design training programs that will meet the needs of the incoming manufacturer
Seek equipment donations from manufacturer
Seek funds from county and state
Advertise the programs
Even a few hundred initial students would help the FTE and the County contributions
This infrastructure will help to bring in other employers
Plan for Now and Tomorrow
Programs of Study: Culinary and Hospitality
With well over a 1000 FSR in Yuppy and Nascar Counties as well as growing tourism a Culinary Arts and Hospitality Program are in high demand
Evil Empire CC and Take Out a Mortgage University have Culinary Programs: one cannot meet the demand and the other is prohibitively expensive - Can you guess who's who?
Oh did I mention the new President is a former line grunt?
The County has graciously offered up the use of a local grade school that is empty
Local restaurants have offered to help provide experiential education locations
HCCC can provide contract food service for the Civic Center and hopefully our newly arrived employers
Planning for Today and Tomorrow
Programs of Study: Allied Health Care

There are aging populations in the region/nation and a growing nationwide demand for healthcare providers garnering some of the best income.
Biomedical Equipment Technology
Medical Lab Technician
Nurse Returning LPN
Pharmacy Technology
Repiratory Therapy
Let Us Get That Pesky FTE Back Up
Dual Enrollment
Currently 850 Juniors and Seniors in HCHS GO Weavers!!! Weavers...Get IT?
150 -200 Dual Enrollment would up FTE funds $825,000 - $1,100,000
Get out there and sell the value
This may be the best way for struggling families to afford education
In the next
years it is hoped that the program will afford it's own Allied Health Campus in the repurposed West End Mill

A partnership with the North State Biomedical Research Center as well as grants will make this relationship sustainable
Planning for Today and Tomorrow
Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Welding
Industrial Systems Technology
Drone Technology...those babies aren't going away
In 20 years three adjoining mills
will comprise the Advanced
Manufacturing and Aeronautical
Engineering Campus
Planning for Today and Tomorrow
Sustainable Agriculture
Farm to Fork
The Lake Side Mill Complex will be mixed use retail, entertainment, residential
Planning for Today and Tomorrow
Sports Management
The Golf Courses will be revitalized
The Football Stadium will be refurbished
The Soccer Pitches will be repurposed for tournaments as well as Lacrosse
Students will manage these facilities as part of their experiential education
The Chamber will market these facilities as cost effective ways to hold tournaments
GLF Grants will be of great assistance
Grants from Duke Energy and support from DOD and Boeing down South will be great
Where is HCCC going to be?
Happy County will become a bedroom community for Yuppie and Nascar County due to lower COL
The convention center will draw guests as a less expenive location than the Yuppie City Convention Center
The DOT saw the great demand and improved the road systems for the greater amount of traffic
The light rail system opened five years ago and that has incentivised many of the yuppies to move to Happy County
Work with Brailsford & Dunlavey
Education is a stable industry
Investors are looking for long-term stable return
Need to think like a business
Raise funds to revitalize sports facilities, Civic Center, Retail Areas
Build Housing for students and faculty
Improve the campus edge...
I was paying attention
Renovate training facilities to meet needs of new high tech manufacturers
Conduct a Bond Campaign
Go Big or Go Home
Get a community-based committee together
Use the media
Get buy-in from community leaders
Sell the value to all stakeholders - This will be of economic benefit to everyone
Relate the cost to the public in relation to each $50,000/property value to keep it in perspective but also reflect the ROI for the community
$10 per $50,000 of property value appears very manageable
Manufacturers in other countries are sending their workers to you to be trained in the more complex methods of textiles and advanced manufacturing Ha Ha!!
BTW: That out of state tuition is really nice
You should see the employee canteen...
....They've been around a while
Strong profit margin, very sustainable
Where is HCCC going to be?
HCCC will offer 4 year degrees
Housing will provide an incentive to students and even faculty to come and stay
Lessons Learned
Which Could Have Been Easily Corrected with Planning and Most Importantly Clear Communication
Listening Tours: Take the time to REALLY listen
Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Solutions
What's the Key to Success?
Stated Commitment to Strategic Mission
Key Stakeholder Alignment
Clear Project Framework
Essential Need
Definition of Funding Gap
Risk Tolerance
Transparent and Organized Procurement
Partnership Oriented Focus
Expert Advice Throughout the Process
Grant Writing Process
An Arduous Process: There is Money Out There
Strategic Plan
If HCCC Had One it Was a Wait and See Sort of Thing
Need SMART Goals
Improve Access Progress and Completion by 33%in 2 1ears
Integrate technology into Instruction and Student Support and Services in 1 Year
Secure Additonal Funding through Grants, Gifts, and Bonds Goal $15 Million in the next two years
Institute entrepreneurial practices that will offset the cost of certain programs in 18 months
Institute Professional Development Program in the next year
In the next year HCCC will partner with area workforce, and will reach out globally over the next 20 years
Immediately begin the practice of using data to be proactive in our decision making
Allied Health Campus is a Regional Leader in Health Care Training and is Partnered with Fake Forest Medical School
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