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Auxiliary Verbs

No description

Lucy Amolo

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Auxiliary Verbs

Auxiliary Verbs These are also known as Helping Verbs becuase they help the main verb. There are 23 auxiliary or helping verbs. To discover what they are and learn them in under 3 minutes, you will need a pen and paper.... GO! Watch this YouTube clip and write down all the auxiliary/helping verbs you hear or see. Did you get all 23? Not yet? Let's try again. and again? So, sometimes verbs can consist of more than one word;
the main verb;
and the auxiliary verb. e.g. Emilio juggled. or Emilio was juggling Some auxiliary/helping verbs can be used by themselves as full verbs e.g.
here he (is)!
There (were) in the dorms. Try this. Did you correctly identify the main and auxiliary/helping verb? We know that verbs are action or doing words. Other special types of verbs are called...
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