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New York Medical College


irfan khan

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of New York Medical College

New York Medical College

1901 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10029-7404 (212) 831-4422 New York Medical College Demographics Pop.
— African American 1,017 Pop.
— Asian 368 Pop.
— Pacific Islander 13 Pop.
— American Indian / Alaskan Native 14 Pop.
— White (incl. Hispanic) 6,034 Pop. — Other 108
ratio of student to faculty - 48: 1 Total Population - 7,482 Typical Costs $42,873 (instate & out of state) Room Fee $8,384 Organizations Alpha Omega Alpha the national honor medical society Student Government Activities NYMC doesn't offer any competitive sports teams, however students may participate in recreational activites

there are basketball, football, softball, swimming, golf, skating, hockey and tennis facilities nearby
The immediate area also provides plenty of opportunities for downhill skiing, cross country skiing, horseback riding, bike riding, and hiking.
Why i chose NYMC & what i plan to major in #1 reason - I'm from NY !!!!!!!....also because i want to become a doctor. I plan to major in Cardiology and become a cardio surgeon.
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