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The Human Footprint

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maddy remoaldo

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of The Human Footprint

The Human Footprint
Environmental Issues
Our actions are what is killing the nature that surrounds us and nowadays the environmental issues such as air and water pollution , drastic climatic changes and global warming are a huge concern .

The global warming is a problem that has increased day by day and mostly results of our actions since we are the ones who release the toxic emissions that cause the mess global warming is.
The only way to reduce our footprint is to actually make changes on our everyday life . That has to be done now or it might as well be too late .

Reduce , Reuse , Recycle
Give your car a break and use public transports or share a ride
Make sure your walls are isolated so you don't need a heater every time it gets cold
Verify green market claims (make sure if what you're buying it's actually friendly to the environment )
If not using it turn it off
Electric stoves
what is the human footprint ?
The human footprint is the impact our actions have on our planet and it measures how much we consume the resources available.

Each one of us as an individual who lives on this planet should consider how bad our actions are and the consequences that a simple every day act can have on Earth because day by day we are destroying the planet we all claim to love and praise.
Overpopulation is when the number of people on the planet exceeds the capacity of Earth ( it's like when an arena is sold out ) which means the planet lacks the capacity of having resources available for everyone.

It's usually said "the more ,the merrier" but this is not the case. The more people , the less resources . The more use , less quality .

More people = more impact on Earth = bigger footprint =
alternative is the new cool
Become a green

consumer ;
Invest in new forms of

energy ;
share ;
Stop consuming more than what you put in the world
Make an effort , reduce without reducing .
Everything we do affects our planet somehow so instead of ruining something so beautiful by not thinking twice we should all start giving this planet what it has been giving to us :
a loyal reliable source
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