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Video Games

No description

The Best Around

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Video Games

The first Consel
Looking at technology today and technology of a while ago you can see how we have improved
Their is many different types of video games
There can be first person, building, etc.
Video games can be appealing to many different people.

First-Person Shooter games are Call of Duty and games like that.
Mario ,as an example, is not a First-Person Shooter
FPS means First-Person Shooter
First-Person Shooter
Personal Favs
There is many different characters in video games

A good game has interesting characters that you really have a connection with.

As an example Mario, Steve (Minecraft), Sonic, and Pikmin 3: Brittany.
When you reach the last level and u die you feel like this
Ratings determine the quality of the game and what age is recommended to play the game
Jake's Favs : Minecraft, Pikmin 3, and Super Mario 3D world
Olivia's Favorite video game's are
the Sims and the Walking Dead.
Video Games have a
lot of different
Epic fails
Or maybe something like this
You know em and you love em yep it is zombie time. Honestly there is a lot of zombie games and movies out there but we are going to be focusing on just a couple famous zombies.
New Consels
Some new consels are the Xbox One and The PS4.

Pac- Man
This the most popular game.

Every one has probably played.
New Games!!!
This year there will be alot of new games simply because of the new consoles
Mario and Luigi
Different Companies
There are lots of different companies made by different people. EX: Microsoft-Xbox one, Sony-PS4, Nintendo-WiiU
Presented by-

New And Old
Pikmin 3-
Even more Improvement By Nintendo
The End
Or maybe even this
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