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It's Your Turn

No description

Melissa Jennings

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of It's Your Turn

It's Your Turn
The Shark Tank
The project
You will use the "invention & innovation" packet to guide you throughout the project planning, creating, development, and presentation.
Once your project is developed... you will enter the tank
You will present your innovations inventions in front of a panel of "sharks"
The "sharks" will judge your project, and determine whether or not to invest!
The sharks are only given a limited number of projects to invest in, so make sure yours stands out!
Become an innovator or inventor!
It's your time to shine! Will you sink? Or will you swim?

You will be creating your very own innovations or inventions. Think about a problem or need that you see in your society and come up with a way to solve it! But this isn't just any ordinary project... this is.....

Model of invention/ Innovation
The model does not actually have to work! It is to show the Sharks what your product looks like!
Display Board
Has the title of the innovation/invention
Explains what it is
Explains how it works
Explains the need for the innovation/invention
You must present your invention/innovation to the judges
Verbal explanation of what your innovation/ invention is
Why there is a need for it
Why the judges should invest.
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