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Rights and Responsbillities

No description

Jaleiyah D

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Rights and Responsbillities

by: Jaleiyah, Gurleen, Melissa and Arman Right and Responsibilities Canadian People Right to Live - Right to live in any province you would like
to live in like Scatshawon Language Rights Canada has two official languages i.e. English and French. Charter of Rights and Freedom Dictionary Definition of Democracy Being a Canadian Citizen Being a Canadian citizen means having certain rights and certain related responsibilities.These are written in Canada's law, and they are also part of our customs and beliefs. What it is like to be a Canadian citizen is being
provided with diffrent rights and reposobillites. Our song! We are Canadians
We stand tall and that is not all
We are stronger then any another country because
We are Canadians and we stand tall
No one can knock us down because we are Canadians!! Democracy is: A system of government in the country.
Elected representatives to make laws and decisions based on the needs and wishes of people. Right to Vote FACE OF GOVERMENT Responsibilities of Citizens obey the laws of the country show respect for all individuals respect the private property of others understands that public property exists for the benefit of all members of society. Children Have Rights proper food and medicine
having fun
special care if needed
love and understanding Faces of Government We have the right to vote as a country and run for elections. by the people
and of the people and for the people. We have the right to speak are mind
and share are feelings because we want to share are emoshans and feelings
and exsrpes are self to other people. Right To Speak Mind As canadians we have the right
go to court if people say and do
something bad. Right To Go to Court Right To Go to School We feel very happy when we have
the right to go to school! Right To Speak your Mind We have the right to speak are mind
and share are feelings. Right to follow your religion we have the right to follow are
religion. By the People The Rights of a Child india Cross of jesus And for the people faces of government face of government Canadian Citizen Face of government Faces of Government faces of government faces of government faces of government Marthin Luther king j.r Sachawon
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