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Ms.Clay figurative language project

No description

Bailey Billington

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Ms.Clay figurative language project

figurative language in music I'm different, yeah I'm different [x3]
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing [x4]
Middle finger up to my competition
I'm different, yeah I'm different [x3]
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing
figurative language
Im different is repetition

Pull up to scene with my ceiling missin middle finger up to my competition that is rhythm and rhyme

more lyrics And I beat it up like a new song
2 Chainz but I got me a few on
Everything hot, skip lukewarm
Tell shawty to bust it open, Uncle Luke on
Got the present for the present and a gift wrapping
I don't feel good, but my trigger happy
But the stri**er happy, but they wish had me

Pull up to the scene, but my roof gone
When I leave the scene, bet your boo gone
more lyrics And I wish dude a would, like a kitchen cabinet
And me and you are cut from a different fabric
I loved her so good it's a bad habit
girl sit down, you got a bad atti'
Gave her the wrong number and a bad addy
You ain't going nowhere like a bad navi
A** so big, I told her to look back at it
Look back at it, look back at it
Then I put a fat rabbit on the Craftmatic
I am so high... attic
I am so high like an addict
Simile I wish a dude
would like a kitchen

Im high Attic 2 Chainz got your girl on the celly
And when I get off the celly
I made her meet at the telly
When she meet at the telly
I put it straight in her belly
When it go in her belly, it ain't sh*t you can tell me
Hair long, money long
Me and broke ni***** we don't get along
Hair long, money long

Me and broke peep we don't get along
I paid a 1, 000 dollars for my sneakers
'Ye told ya, a 100k for a feature
Eee-err Eee-err, sound of the bedd
Beat it up, beat it up, then I get some h***
Well I might get some head, then I beat it up
I don't give a f***, switch it up, nigga live it up
Yeah it's going down, she get up
Might valet park a Brinks truck figurative language
I paid a 1, 000 dollars for my sneakers
the I
sound is
alliteration Hair long, money long

imagery but my trigger happy

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