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Peru Culture

No description

Teresa Kim

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Peru Culture

Music in Peru
In the large cities of Peru and near the ocean coast, the music is very
. The influences are
Spanish, Gypsy, and African
Near the mountain area, the music is
and sounds
. It is played with traditional instruments and is passed down from the
Indigenous people
of Peru (Incas).
Peru Culture
Food in Peru
are important in Peru. There are over 2500 kinds of potatoes grown in Peru! Vegetables like corn are commonly found in Peru. Different cheeses, chicken, beef, and rice are also commonly eaten.
What do these instruments look like?
Different Instruments of Peru
Music, and Food of Peru
Near the Coast
Since Peru is near the Pacific Ocean, the people who live near there have different types of
fish and seafood
. Peru is a big fishing country.
In the Cities
In the cities, people eat many different types of food. They usually will have rice, potatoes, bread and
juice or bottled drinks
with their meat and vegetables.In some cities, there are
street vendors
In the Country-side
In the mountain or rural (country-side) areas, they mostly eat things like
beans, corn, squash, and barley soup
, and
are popular meats to eat. Some people will eat guinea pigs.
In the Rainforest
Many people hunt and gather in the Amazon. People who live here may eat
wild pigs, rabbits, small birds, fruit and nuts, small animals, and different fish
Tree sap
is a common drink.
Pachamanca is a way to make food in Peru. It is one of the oldest ways, dating back to 1500 years ago.
What year would this be?
Pachamanca means "food cooked under ground." Different meats and vegetables are put on top of leaves that are sitting on hot stones. Then more leaves are used to cover the food. Then a layer of hot stones is added on top of that. They let the food cook for up to 12 hours before eating it.
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