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Mentos and Diet Coke, Why?

No description

Dawn Edwards

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Mentos and Diet Coke, Why?

Mentos and Diet Coke:
What, Why, How?

What do the Mythbusters have to say?
The Contenders
The Equipment
So What Have You Learned?
Have You Seen This?
All it takes is a Mentos and some Diet Coke!
Use the data we collected from our experiment and insert it into an Excel document. Then use Excel to create bar graph and a line graph showing the soda types and their heights.
Other Possible Experiments?
Can you think of other experiments that can be done and other questions that can be answered using the tools we used today? Write down a few on the paper where you collected your data.
What about other sodas?
Why Does the Reaction Happen?
Brainstorm Reasons in a Circle Map
Ms. Edwards
Will they work the same?
Coke Zero
Regular Coke
Diet Sprite
Dr Pepper
Diet Rite
Why does it react this way?
Nucleation Sites (Rough Outside)
Artificial Sweetner?
More detailed explanation!
Lesson Plan
Prezi-tation PowerPoint
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