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Positioning for Influence

National Speakers Cohort: Positioning, brand, and networking virtual training

York Moore

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Positioning for Influence

National Speakers Cohort Positioning for Influence Self vs. Kingdom Motives Satiating Areas of Brokenness

Striving to Bring Joy to God and Healing to Others Desire to Substantiate “Self” and Personal Convictions

Desire to Protect the Gospel and Advance God’s Kingdom Establish my fame

Establish the fame of Jesus Christ Arrogance &/or entitlement

Contribution of unique voice and gifts Pursuit of influence, power, money

Passion for people Desire to be the 'star performer'

Multiply gifts and empower others Obtaining Great Opportunities
Strategic for you and them
Audience size and/or importance Generate Future Opportunities
Broaden networks
Set yourself up to be asked Leverage Opportunities for Other Purposes
Fund development
Future job or consulting opportunities Cycle of Opportunity Ask Belong Network Being Present Ask Brand Knowing Self Prayer Increasing Influence
Increasing Frequency
Increasing Payment
Increasing Network
Increasing Ownership
Increasing Recognition Unique
Valued Follow Up Immediately!!!
Attend Networking Events
Network Intentionally
Network Authentically
Web Articles on Networking
Books on Networking Listen & Participate
Share Your Story
Generate Buzz
Build Community
Network (In Person and On-Line) In-view: Networking: Web Site
Promotional Piece
Business Cards
Self-Initiated Writing
Social Media Associations
Employer Brand
Religious Networks
On-Line Groups
Collaborative Projects What are your unique gifts as a communicator?
Who is your primary audience?
What is your calling from God?
What is your stage of life?
Where is God calling you?
What does that mean for your communication? In-view: Self: What communities are you embedded in?
Who are your mentors (living & historical)?
What are your rhythms?
How are you experiencing God privately and publicly? Recommend yourself
Cite Your Strengths
Cite your Experience
Give Illustrations
Don’t Be Ambiguous
Ask for Timeline
Follow Through Thank Immediately
Provide Clarity
Provide Further Communication
Provide Examples
Provide Cost When Asked
Provide Contract When Asked Capturing Opportunities Agree on Costs
Get Signed Contract
Follow Through on Details
Provide the Service
Create Space for Future Partnership
Create Value for Your Contribution Getting to the Ask Getting Sponsored Celebrating the Message
of InterVarsity COMMUNICATIONS Historically, InterVarsity has done an excellent job at communications and is continuing to meet the emerging challenges presented to us in the fast-changing world of digital interconnectedness.
An external orientation in our communications has become increasingly important for at least four reasons. 1. We have grown in size and missional effectiveness. Expressing this growth in celebration of God is important and doing so reinforces our missional convictions, core vision and strategies.
2. As a result of our effectiveness and growth, a greater potential for fallout exists due to risks associated with greater visibility.
3. The media milieu both inside and outside evangelicalism has become hyper-aware of specific issues and values for which InterVarsity is uniquely known. Some of these include a Biblical stance on issues of sexuality and gender, a commitment to holistic cultural engagement around social issues, and progressive practices and values in areas of diversity and ethnicity just to name a few.
4. Because of the successes and expectation for advancement, InterVarsity is in an increasing position to capitalize on opportunities created by more externally oriented communication posture. We also have a responsibility to ‘tell the story’ of God’s activity in the university realm as well. Matthew 5:14-15 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Above the Line In any organization, core documents reflect the function and intentions of leaders and help drive decisions, goals, and how success is measured.
In InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA, the controlling doctrinal statement at a high level describes what our core beliefs are and serves as the ultimate rationale as to why we do what we do. We are a theological apostolic community 1. Below the Line Communications: Organizationally, documents like doctrinal statements, mission statements, purpose statements, strategic plans, ministry overviews, core commitments, value statements, and a vast array of support documents are primarily designed for those who have joined the theological community of InterVarsity.
2.“Above the line messaging”: Reflects a wide variety of communication vehicles but is ultimately intended for those truly on the outside of the movement and organization. For those with little brand awareness, “above the line” messaging is vital in order to give a positive and easy on-ramp to the best our movement has to offer and celebrates what God is doing through this theological community. For Outsiders
• Inspires desire for greater awareness
• Moves outsiders to increasing brand loyalty and involvement
• Encourages transponding of our brand to other outsiders
• Creates excitement for God’s work
• Creates opportunities for us to benefit from
• Creates a pipeline of new potential “insiders”

For Insiders:
• Produces pride in their work
• Creates hope for the future
• Helps them anticipate great things
• Inspires greatness
• Produces loyalty to the InterVarsity brand
• Produces excitement to become/remain a 'transponder' of the brand
• Provides confidence when networking, ministering, fund raising, and speaking outside the movement. Below the line messaging drives organizational behavior and provides clarity in mission through doctrinal, purpose, mission and vision statements; core commitments; strategic initiatives, annual plans; ministry values; discussion papers; ministry overview and strategy documents Above the Line Messaging celebrates what God is doing and brings others into mission through releases, social media, channels; partnerships, relationships, projects… Voices The staff, students and faculty, volunteers, alumni and donors of InterVarsity themselves embody the message of InterVarsity!
There is no greater force for giving the outside world a good brand experience than interaction with those who embody the InterVarsity message-those on mission with us already!
Partnering with our constituents to uniformly tell the InterVarsity story with pride and excitement is an important part of developing an above the line orientation. As InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA continues to impact American campuses, the opportunity to give God glory by telling the InterVarsity story is strong.
InterVarsity is one of America’s most influential and successful evangelical organizations and telling the story of God’s work is an important responsibility of leadership.
InterVarsity’s voice and contribution is unique and has the capacity to shape American culture and the perception non-Christians have of the broader Christian message.
The InterVarsity brand is strong, focused, differentiated and needs to be celebrated and clearly communicated both internally and externally. Everyday Messaging Direct Leadership Messaging +
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