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your Growth Mindset journey starts here

No description

Rebecca Tushingham

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of your Growth Mindset journey starts here

How many times has a little voice spoken up in your mind to say . . .
Your Growth Mindset journey starts here
A Mathematician ?
So what exactly is the difference between Fixed and Growth Mindsets ?
Become an Engineer?
A great musician ?
An Artist?
A Scientist?
What is keeping you from accomplishing it?
I don't have time
I don't have enough talent
There's too much going on in the rest of my life
I'm not clever enough
Your ambitions
Michael Jordan has a growth mindset
Now that you know what a Growth Mindset is its time to adopt one.

It wont always be easy so we will help you along the way.

You must also help yourself . . .
Here's the plan
Athletes are some of the best examples of Growth Mindset around.

They sometimes train for FOUR YEARS before an event!
Have an "olympic mindset"
Just YOU against YOU - nothing else matters
Set your goals but plan for obstacles
Learn and Grow
Be a winner!
You will feel as good as this guy
Your teachers?
Be honest!
what then?
All of your revision will be real
You will really sit the exams
In a real room
With a real test paper

And the feeling you will get when you achieve your personal best will be for real
What's the verdict?
plain ugly?
time to ask yourself some tough questions . . .
do you believe that hard work gets results ?
A survey said 95% of you believe that effort is the most important part of being successful in your subjects
How often do you give . . .
Come on, who can give 100% effort EVERY DAY?
this is your fixed mindset speaking.
We all have this voice . . . .
its easy to feel great about this now
But what about when your . . .
you have GOT to get used to never giving up
Giving up is like strangling your ambitions!
feeling like this?
Or this?
use a growth mindset to achieve a personal best at
in every single lesson
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