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My Experiment on Rubber Bands

No description

Eli Maggard

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of My Experiment on Rubber Bands

On rubber bands My Experiment Testable Question In my experiment how will the distance of the rubber band stretched affect the distance traveled after the release of tension on the rubber band? Hypothesis I think that when you stretch the rubber band farther that it will travel a further distance. Variables Independent variable- The distances the rubber band is stretched and the rubber band.

Dependent variable- The distanced after the rubber is stretched and released.

Controlled variable- The same person, same unit of measurement, same measuring tool, same environment, and the same surface and wind control. Control Group Materials The control group in my experiment is the distance the rubber band travel with minimum tension is applied to the rubber band.
This distance is 18 cm. I will need rubber bands they will need to be all the same size and kind. I will also need a metric ruler or metric measuring tape. I will also need an helper. Procedures Experimental Observations Data Table 1.Find a helper, gather your supplies and go outside to do this experiment. You will want a place with a lot of clearance that has a cement or hard-caped surface that you can draw on with chalk. Your partner will draw circles around where the flying rubber bands land, so choose a partner with a keen eye and some running shoes!
2.Remember to bring a data table and pencil with you so that you can log your results.
3.You stand on one side of the space, and have your partner stand on the other side.
4.With your piece of chalk draw a line in front of your toes. This is where you will line your feet up when you shoot your rubber bands. This is also where you will begin measuring the distances your rubber bands have gone.
5.Choose a few different lengths along your ruler where you will pull your rubber band back to. They should be at regular intervals along the ruler. In my example above I chose 10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, etc. Write your values in your data table.
6.Now you are ready to conduct the experiment, starting with your first length. Shoot a rubber band by hooking it on the front edge of the ruler, then pulling back to your first length (10 cm) on the ruler and then letting go. Remember the angle and height you hold the ruler, because you will need to keep it the same for each rubber band launch.
7.Have your partner draw a circle where that rubber band landed.
8.Measure the distance from your line to the spot your partner just marked in your data table.
9.You will launch rubber bands from each length 10 times, so that you can average the data to get better results. This means that you will need to repeat steps 6-8 nine more times before moving on to the next length in your data table. Then you will repeat the procedure 10 times for each of the other lengths you have chosen. During my experiment I observed that the rubber bands traveled farther when stretched longer. They did not, however, always travel twice as far when stretched twice as long.
I also observed the the rubber bands became easier to stretch after they had been stretch a few times. Conclusion The conclusion to my experiment is that as the distance the rubber band is stretched increases the distance traveled increases. According to the averages of each distance stretched. However, with each rubber band it is different. Some of the rubber bands, trial four for example, traveled farther at 30 cm than 40 cm.
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