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The Aversion Project

By: Cassy "The Metal Duck" MacDonald Alfred "Skittlywinks" Putney

Alfred Putney

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of The Aversion Project

The Aversion Project! By: Cassy "Lightning Rod" MacDonald &
Alfred "Explosional Integrity" Putney What Was the Aversion Project? The Aversion Project was a collective experiment in South Africa during the Apartheid Era (Segregational). It took place roughly between 1971-1989, and its aim was to attempt to "cure" homosexuality in South African troops. Various techniques were used, such as electroshock therapy, chemical castration, hormone treatments, and forced transexual operations. Between 1971-1989, there were approximately 900 cases of forced sex changes. Army psychiatrists and Christian chaplains shipped suspected homosexuals to military psychiatric units, primarily ward 22 of one military hospital at Voortrekkerhoogte. Majority of the victims of the test were drafted white males, ages 16-24 The 132 page documentation of the experiments were written and overseen by Colonel Aubrey Levin, the former chief psychiatrist of the Voortrekkerhoogte Military Hospital. "Dr. Shock", as Levin is referred to, was not alone in his experimenting. Another psychiatrist working under him at Voortrekkerhoogte chemically castrated a young soldier, Jean Erasmus. Erasmus has recently committed suicide. Dr. Shock (Aubrey Levin) What Did We Learn? As it turns out, homosexuality is not a "disease" as Dr. Shock and his colleagues would call it, but possibly a matter of genetics, and/or a subjection to trauma that is gender specific. We've also learned that forced gender reassignment, coupled with other harsh methods does not necessarily cure homosexuality, so much as make the individual reluctant to reveal their self-accepted life-style. A majority of the 900 individuals who had undergone the gender reassignment surgery have been reported to have committed suicide due to emotional distress and mental confusion. The results have shown that the practices carried out in the experiment were detrimental to the individuals' well-being. Citations! "Being Gay: A Life Style Choice? - LGBT Homosexuality And Bisexuality Meanings." Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Wellness, Family & Relationship Issues, Sexual Disorders & ADHD Medications. 14 Feb. 2011. <http://www.mentalhelp.net/poc/view_doc.php?type=doc&id=28531> Not Understanding Why This is Unethical Yet? We've established that homosexuality is not an illness. Research elaborated on in the 70's and later by the American Psychiatric Association revealed that homosexuals can maintain healthy and "functional" lifestyles as deemed fit to any individual regardless of their sexual orientation. The practices of Dr. Shock and his colleagues showed an unhealthy trend, with some gender-reassignment surgeries going unfinished or botched. Ethics expressed, coercing individuals into emotionally stressful situations that could lead to permanent mental and physical damage, especically amidst wartime si wrong. In the case of the individuals who committed suicide, Dr. Shock's practices were considered unethical due to their adverse effects on the victims' mental health. Poor Mojo's Newswire: Ex-gay "reparative Therapy" Doctor Caught on Film Molesting Male Patients. Photograph. Poor Mojo's Almanac(k). 14 Feb. 2011. <http://www.poormojo.org/pmjadaily/archives/031022.php>. Where Do We Stand On This? Unfortunately, some of the most interesting, needed, or accurate results come out of unethical testing, solely for the reason that the only limits are the materials and creativity of the individuals carrying out the experiments. We cannot however speculate for certain if the actions of Levin and his assistants will ever be deemed "necessary" to gain accurate results. Levin's fatal flaw was that while he tested his ability to change an individual's sexual preference, he disregarded the emotional well-being of his patients by terrorizing, forcing, and disorienting them. We propose that much better methods could have been carried out. If Cassy and I were given the opportunity to perform the "Adversion Project," we would first make sure that we evaluate the individuals' respective mental health, not based solely on sexual preference, but rather, a gauge of their happiness with life. It is important not to reveal the purpose for the probing, but also to understand which individuals claim to be homosexual and which claim to be heterosexual. Once we understand the respective satisfaction with life of each participant, we would subject them to a series of tests that do not in any way physically harm, or cause permanent emotional harm to them. Subjects must be voluntary to the experiments in every way. Our major test would involve two groups; one group of homosexuals with a "flirter" of the same sex responding kindly to any advances, and a group of homosexuals with a "flirter" of the same sex that responds coldly to any advances. The test must also be performed with two heterosexual groups with their respective "flirters" of the same sexual preference to act as the control. A body-language analysis, as well as a brain activity analysis will be observed behind-the-scenes in a double blind study to connect sexual arousal to each individual. The "flirters" will simply be told how they are to act towards the individuals, and their respective sexual preference should be the same as the preference of their respective sexual preference groups. The "flirters" of the heterosexual group must also be cold to one group, and welcoming to the other. Individuals in the groups with the kind "flirter" that respond well to the advances, are confirmed by the body analyst and brain analyst as sexually interested, and have shown traits of genuine happiness show the health and happiness of the individual negligent of their sexual preference. Individuals in the group with the kind "flirter" that do not appear to be sexually interested or happy may have to be tested again casually with another homosexual/heterosexual "flirter" or re-evaluated as homosexual or heterosexual. If these individuals also responded as unhappy with their life, further evaluation may be needed to elaborate on an outside reason other than their specific sexual preference. I.E. a traumatizing experience reflective of their sexual preference being socially unacceptable growing up. The group that has the cold "flirter" that is confirmed to not be sexually stimulated, frustrated with the "flirter," and happy with life as confirmed by a psychoanalyst reflects that the "flirter" is the cause of their frustration. Individuals that have the cold "flirter" that are confirmed to not be sexually stimulated, frustrated with the "flirter," and unhappy with their life as confirmed by a psychoanalyst may need to be further re-evaluated, seek therapeutic help, or reconsider their sexual preference. At the end, if the results coincide that individuals who responded as happy with their lives, and showed similar body language and brain activity when dealing with both types of "flirters" regardless of sexual preference, they are healthy and perfectly okay. At the end, if the results of individuals who responded as unhappy with their lives, and showed similar body language when dealing with both behavioral types of "flirters" regardless of their sexual preference, it may have to be further evaluated whether the individual's sexuality is to be blame. When all other options are ruled out and tested multiple times with different groups, may the results be accurately displayed. Our Experiment Idea "The GULLY | Africa | Apartheid Military Forced Gay Troops Into Sex-Change Operations." The Gully Online Magazine. 14 Feb. 2011. <http://www.thegully.com/essays/africa/000825sexchange.html>. "'Doctor Shock' Charged with Sexually Abusing Male Patient | World News | The Guardian." Latest News, Comment and Reviews from the Guardian | Guardian.co.uk. 14 Feb. 2011. <http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/mar/28/aubrey-levin-charged-sexually-abusing-patient>. Also, our main goal will not be to deter homosexuality, but to get a better understanding of it.
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