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Number the Stars

No description

Nicholas P.

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Number the Stars

Number the Stars
The Characters
*Annemarie Johansen: Annemarie lives in Copenhagen with her Mom, Dad and her little sister Kristi. She lives next door to the Rosens. Annemarie is a brave girl. She helps get the Rosens to Sweden so they were not taken by the Nazis to a concentration camp.
*Mrs.Johansen: Mrs.Johansen is the mother of Annemarie and Kristi. She is married to Mr.Johansen. She doesn't talk much about her third daughter, Lise. She has coffee with Mrs.Rosen every day.
*Lise Johansen: Lise died one day before her wedding. Her Mom and Dad don't talk about her much. She was engaged with Peter Neilson. Lise and Peter were both part of the resistance. Lise died because she was being chased by Nazi soilders and a Nazi soilder ran Lise over with his car.
*Kristi Johansen: Kristi is the youngest member in the Johansen family. She loves it when Annemarie tells her fairy tales before bed. Kristi is very chatty and very childish.
*Mr.Johansen: Mr.Johansen is married to Mrs.Johansen. His occupation is a teacher.
*Ellen Rosen: Ellen is Annemaries best friend. Ellen went to Sweden with her family. Ellen is Jewish. Ellen lives with her Mom and her Dad. They live in the apartment next door to the Johansens.
*Mrs.Rosen: Mrs.Rosen is Ellens mother and is married to Mr.Rosen. She is Mrs.Johansens best friend and has coffee with her every day.
*Mr.Rosen: Mr.Rosen is a teacher. He is married to Mrs.Johansen and is Ellen's Dad.
*Uncle Henrik: Uncle Henrik is Mrs.Johansens brother. He has a cow that he milks and a messy house. He has a boat that he took Jews to Sweeden with and he also uses his boat for fishing.

Plot and Theme
Lois Lowry wrote this book from Annemaries point of view. Number the Stars is about a 10 year old girl who is called upon for bravery so a group of Jews can be safe in Sweden. Annemarie is stopped by Nazi soldiers multiple times and is forced to lie to them. Number the Stars is a half fiction book and a half non-fiction book. All of the characters are fiction but everything about World War 2 is non-fiction.
My favourite part
My favourite part was when Mrs.Johansen used reverse psychology on the Nazi soldiers so that she would not have to open the casket because I thought it was really smart of her.
Spark Notes Character List,
The Setting
Number the Stars takes place during 1943 in
Copenhagen, Denmark. It wasn't a very happy time for Denmark. During World War 2 Denmark was taken over by the Nazis. The Nazis took over Denmark in 1940 and in 1943 they started taking Jewish people to the concentration camps.
Spark Notes Number the Stars Plot,
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