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Texting On Its Ends.

Shikar And Chris

Christopher Peak

on 16 May 2010

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Transcript of Texting On Its Ends.

TextIng on Its ends! Texting is getting worse as new phones come out,
causing people to use facebook on phones, or other
social sites that they can search in school. For Example:
The Iphone, Blackberry, etc. Texting can also be bad for
grades also, it can take up your
time for homework and then its to
late to do it becuase of your phone. Texting can also be bad for your life.
Texting can lead to death, because of the numerous people who die from texting while driving. But on the other hand, texting
can be very usefull. When your
in a dangerous situation and you
dont know what to do, you can call
your police right away. Another phone misuse of education is this one. Peoples writing has gotten worse
by the new form of text. People get stressed over sad
and trembling text messages.
Texting can come in all different softwares,forms.
They are also now on gaming consoles. As new phones come into
the stores, more people like
to create a different and custom
colors to their phone, Computers,
etc. As a new years come, new phones are introduced
and are in different forms. Texting can lead to scams
on which people misuse and
can drain money or credit
from the phone. By Chris And Shikhar Xbox 360 is better. Resources


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