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unit 8C

No description

Rajvinder Kaur

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of unit 8C

Hypothetical Ignoble based on an assumption or guess; used as a provisional or tentative idea to giude or direct investigation "What is the use of physicians like myself trying to help parents to bring up children healthy and happy, to have them killed in such numbers for a cause that is ignoble" Benjamin Spock mean, low, base Intemperate immoderate, lacking in self control; inclement Odium hatred, contempt; disgrace or infamy resulting from hateful conduct Impgun to call into question; to attack as false "There's no way that i remotely tried to impugn his character"Jean Schmidt “Since the creation of the world there has been no tyrant like Intemperance, and no slaves so cruelly treated as his" William Gearison
“To be able to endure odium is the first art to be learned by those who aspire to power.” Seneca

" Hypothetical question get Hypothetical answer. " - Joan Baez
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