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One Direction

No description

Ladilah Khaniza

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of One Direction

One Direction Harry Styles Harry Edward Styles was born
on Feburary 1994.He is from Chesire, England.He has an older sister named Gemma.Harry was in a band called White Eskimo,and he was the lead singer. Harry had a part-time job at the Mandeville Bakery. Harry Styles Zayn Malik Zayn Javadd Malik was born on January
12 1993.He is from Bradford,West,Yorkshire
,England.He has one older sister,Doniya,and
to younger sisters named Waliyha and Safaa.
Zayn Malik was addicted to smoking cigarettes but quit in 2011. Zayn Malik One Direction Louis Tomilson Louis William Tomilson was born in Doncaster,South Yorkshire. He was born to Johannah Poulston and Troy Austin. He has five younger half-sisters. .Louis is currently 20 years old. Louis would love to date a fan (has to be under 17) and plays the piano very well. Liam Payne Niall Horan Niall James Horan was born September 13 1993,in Mullingar,County Westmeath,Ireland.Niall was born to Maura Gallagher and Bobby Horan.He has an older brother named Greg.Niall has no tatoos and his dreamdate would be with Miranda Cosgrove. Liam James Payne was born August 29 ,1993 and is 19 years old.He was born to Karen and Geoff in Wolverhampton,West Midlands,England. He has two older sisters,Ruth and Nicola. Liam is heavily involved with sports.He took boxing lessons at the age of 12. Together these 5 awesome boys make up
One Direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pet Peeves Here are some of pet peeves of our favourite boys. Harry Styles: When girls scream in his ear and ''stalk'' him.He also dosen't like it when people swear. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_harry_styles_pet_peeve Resource List Zayn Malik: Does not like heights. Louis Tomilson: He hates Tatoos
Niall Horan: Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Y1xs_xPb46M Liam Payne Dislikes stubborn people because it is there way or no way,they won't meet in the middle. He dislike frogs. cpopdirt.com/one-directions-niall-horan-on-assumptions-pet-peeves-songwriting/10099 http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_Liam%27s_biggest_pet_peeve
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