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hazel garcia

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of KAHA

KAHA IT company Remember
technology adapts to you.
Hospital administration Electronic Medical Records
Personnel Management Records
Doctors and PDAs
Electronic Health Records

“Some medical records (...) are on paper and are therefore
not accessible through the ITsystem" technology Cell phones Telemedicine VPN
Recovery plan Oobunta hospItal Village A Village B Village C 50 km 100 km 20 km Six desktop PCs running Windows 98 and Microsoft Office 97 A cell phone and a landline phone connection.
Fiber optic (per meter) 75

Electronic health records
- w/smart carts
$60000 --> monthly cost 700

New medical expert system
10,000 -->20 monthly

Telemedicine (video) set up per end
2000 --> no montly cost

2 Windows OS (server) for 10 clients 1199
20 desktop computers
VPN software (per site) 5000 desktops OH

DaVinci Robot $1 500 000
10 desktops
Windows OS server 10 clients
Training windows 5
1 desktop computer

Internet access


Broadband connetion DSL $100

Training $5

Windows OS $199 Windows XP and Microsoft office 2003

No internet access

1 desktop computer No IT facilities

Cell mobile phone

2 desktop computer $400---$5monthly cost
EMR $45000--- $700 monthly
Broadband DSL $100
Windows OS $199
Training $5

Windows Data Recovery
Stellar Phoenix $79 CT scanner
Personnel Management Records
Virtual Reality therapy
BUT WHY? Technologies not used:
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