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Terra nova park

No description

Ami Babetty

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Terra nova park

Terra Landforms Park Information Climate Wildlife Vegetation Park Activities Map Terra Nova National Park of Canada is a place where the North Atlantic Ocean strokes the breath taking island boreal forest of Eastern Newfoundland. The park was founded in 1957. It was the first national park in Newfoundland and labrador.The coastline varies from cliffs and bare headlands to sheltered inlets and coves contributing to a recreational boating area. Nova National Park The spectacular park is aproximitly the area of 400 cm². The park offers abundant wildlife, brilliant surroundings and an assortment of many recreational activities. Take time to see the park's wonders and riches. Terra nova is the place you want to be. How to get there The park is sited in eastern Newfoundland, just about 200 km west of St. John's and 60 km east of Gander. The island is easily reached by fairy service, vehicle, chartered bus, and air plane. PARK MAPS COORDINATES GPS 48 34 45.35 N 53 56 51.31 W F R S O M L N A D Terra Nova National Park shields a part of the unique landforms of the Appalachians. The shore line of the park is fractured with rocky headlands, gorgeous coves, sea caves as well as several inlets. The rolling mountins of the park are linked in a chain which borders the eastern coast of the land. CLIMATE The possibilities are endless, the activities are provided all year round.....weather the sun is shining or the land is covered in a thick soft blanket of white snow there is always somthing to do at Terra Nova National Park. Things To Do The park's nature of water provides opportunities for tourists to experiance sailing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming at sandys pond during a hot summer day, scuba diving, as well as relaxing time fishing for fish. Visitors can also enjoy romantic picnics surrounded by paradise, golfing at the resort, or camping in three diffrent locations all year round. Terra Nova National park offers breath taking hiking trails with 100 kilometers varying from cliffside rambles to scenic strolls. The park also offers a wide range of programs in which visitors are invited to participate in. The program includes roasting mouthwatering smores surrounded by campfires, guided walks, and boat tours, Terra Nova National Park protects some of the ancient mountins of the eroded Appalachians.
The process of glaciers scrapping the land resulted in bogs and swamps in valleys. Vegetation The boreal forest can only support one main type of trees. The trees which dominate the park are coniferouse trees. These trees can grow in thin soil, with the low tempratures and short summers the park offers. Much of the boreal forest was logged before the park was established. In addition fire is the main factor the forest depends on to reproduce. This is since black spruce forests rely on fire for renewal. The type of trees mostly found in the National Park are black spruce, balsam fir, white spruce, larch, birch, aspen and red maple. These trees are the typical to be found in the Nothern boreal forest. There are many open spaces of grass due to the fact there are trees dying and not reproducing at the corret rate. Grass and small shrubs are replacing the forests. LIVE BEAUTY Wild Life The variety of wildlife inside the park is very little but unique. Each animal which has migrated to the island is either seen in the vicinity of the park or experianced a boom in poulation. Animals In Terra Nova National Park Newfoundland Caribou
Snow shoe rabbit
Red squirel
Black bear
Minx Terra Nova is one of the few places the rare breed the pine marten can still be found. There is about 300 found inside the park.However they are slowly decreasing in population due to the fact their is a loss of thier habitat. Inside the crystal clear waters of the park observe the gracefull hunch back pass by or enjoy the sight of seeing dolphins, squid or harp seals. Although the park has only a synopsis of Newfoundlands animals the wild life is a site not to miss during a hike, row in a boat, or camping trip. The locations climate is controlled by the breath taking sea the park is surounded by. The warm gulf stream which passes by the island province delays as well as modeates winters. The cold air from the labradors currents cools the spring and early months of summer. The weather is always changing.The island is located in a maritime climate area. Video: Boreal Forest The boreal forest is one of the largest eco-systems on the planet. It provides a home to many diffrent forms of wild life as well as it is a home to many communities in Canada. The forest is the major source of supplies to saw mills. In addition the forest is used as a major tourism focal point. The forest provides unique sites and rich history about Canadas cultural and geological past. Sadly it is hard preserving the boreal forest. There are many factors impacting it during the process of the plants reproducing.Wild life....mainly moose, humans and enviorment are causing the forest to damage and not reproduce turning into grass lands. BY: Amira Babeiti http://www.holidaycheck.com/climate-wetter_Terra+Nova+National+Park-ebene_oid-id_10288.html The website has better detail on the weather.
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