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Liz W

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Creativity

Recombination of the unconscious mind
What is creativity?
"The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work."
The Torrance Test of Creative Thinking
Using one of the shapes below, draw an image or figure
Information we are taking in is processed in a different, unique way
vs. Logical Thinking
Structural, rational thought and judgement
The 3 Basic Characteristics of Creativity
The ability to shift view points and look at a problem from a different angle.
The capability to break away from rigidity and overcome strategic habits
Thinking "outside the box"
The understanding of different perspectives & looking at the "big picture"
The Left Brain
The Right Brain
Images & color
Expressing & reading emotions
Recognizing faces
Music & creativity
The Brain
Roger W. Sperry
The Left-Brain, Right-Brain Dominance Theory
Language & numbers
Critical thinking
Both hemispheres work together

One side may specialize more in what it is associated with
Creativity involves a widespread neural network
All hemispheres of the brain included in both the cerebrum & cerebellum


The rearrangement of familiar elements in a problem to create an original solution.
Information is taken and rearranged...ideas are built upon
The sudden emergence of an idea or solution without preceding conscious thought or effort
Example. There are many different strategies one can use while playing chess

Problems that are resistant to strategies and efforts
It is up to the player to utilize them in their own way
creative breakthrough due to efforts, rest, or becoming stuck
not actively seeking a solution
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