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Vocabulary Lesson 15

No description

Library Media

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Vocabulary Lesson 15

Vocabulary Lesson 15

By Anne Mckinley
Vocab Words
1. slog
2. commence
3. flabbergasted
4. permissible
5. tingle
6. adventuresome
To walk slowly and heavily, as if you
were walking in deep snow or mud.
Sentence: I slogged in the snow.
Definition: To begin or start.
Sentence: I could not commence
the race until he told me to.

Definition: Very suprised, shocked
or astonished.
Sentence: The girl was flabbergasted
when her friend broke her arm.

Definition: Allowed or
Sentence: I was permissible
to fly across the country on
the plane.

Definition: Tickle or sting
Sentence: I tingled
when he tickled me.
Definition: You are ready to
try something new exciting and a little bit
Sentence: I was adventuresome to
go parasailing.
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