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Mac Cosmetics

No description

sara walker

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Mac Cosmetics

How much sold
Mac Cosmetics
Heritage Fair History project

BY: Olivia Nucci, and Sara Walker
The MAC Company had been rated from a few customers, and not surprisingly, all of the reviews I saw, were 5 out of 5 stars. a lot of the comments resulted great! Customers were saying things like "Looks Great!" "One is not enough" "Long lasting!" "In love!" "Favorite lipstick!" Everyone seems to be enjoying these amazing products that will help your skin to look great, using 100% pure makeup, and make your face look absolutely beautiful than it already is!
Is it good for your
What it does for your
Skin (pros)
What it does to
your skin
Why is it so expensive?
Mac cosmetics
This was awarded best cosmetics ad of 2014
Amazing products
Not cheap makeup
100% pure no Chemicals?
Fun Facts!
The first lipstick colour ever created by MAC cosmetics, was inspired by a pink Crayola crayon called "Flamingo". Later on, the first twenty-four lipstick colours by MAC were inspired by the twenty-four Crayola crayon pack. The company was a huge success, because of the Crayola inspired lipstick colours and continued to create other colours using inspiration from different things around them. The color "Glamorous Goddess" was inspired by Beyoncé and will be the first color that will be retired. Once 1 million of the Glamorous Goddess colour are sold, the colour will no longer be sold in stores.
Mac cosmetics started selling in 1997 in New York City with the help of other makeup companies to make a bigger and more professional makeup brand only meant for professionals. Mac cosmetics can be found at any department stores worldwide such as belk, Nordstrum, Macy's, the bay, and many Mac stores found in the mall. The company's product was specifically designed for pro makeup artists, but are now sold to consumers world wide. Mac cosmetics is the number 1 popular and most selling world wide to customers everywhere.

Did you know that sleeping with makeup on overnight, will make you age a couple of days? So much makeup these days will leave you with wrinkles on your face much faster and your aging process in your face and neck area will speed up. This is why Mac Cosmetics has created endless lines of natural makeup or 100% pure products. Even though Mac cosmetics doesn't always have a bright side with no chemicals. Considering some of their concealers or foundations have so much of a high tint in the product it is not always good for your skin. This is why your skin can age so much faster than normal.
Mac cosmetics is so popular that if one product is out on the racks that is a really good product, it will be sold just like that! Mac cosmetics has so many advantages towards the meaning, that it was supposed to only be sold to professionals, but is now being sold to actual consumers. Products such as foundation have the highest coverage that you probably will not find anywhere else. Considering that it has such a good coverage is that it might have a little bit of chemicals leading into why its not good for your skin but they have made a new foundation called Hourglass Immaculate foundation that is 100% organic and that has no harsh chemicals but it still has a good coverage.
Basically all makeup is bad for your skin. MAC cosmetic products are expensive, but the products have very good quality. It's not always good for your skin, but it doesn't do as much harm to your skin as drug store makeup would. The good news is, most people are saying that they have been using the Mac foundation for a long time, and it hasn't started any acne breakouts, but everyone is different. Even though Mac is expensive, it is worth the money, because the coverage works well.
It all depends on the type of skin that you have, in order to know if this makeup does good for your skin or not. if your skin breaks out into acne after using any Mac product, than this is not the makeup you should be using. If your skin is perfectly fine after using this makeup, then you should continue buying products from MAC. If you don't want anything bad to happen to your skin after using make up, for example: dry skin, acne, etc, then the smart thing to do, is to never forget to wash off all of your makeup before you go to bed, because you need to let your face breath, so no dirt or oil gets into your pores and create bad skin. Leaving it on is one of the worst things you can do.
Mac cosmetics is more expensive than other brands because their products have very high quality. You'll want to buy more of the cheaper quality products because they're less expensive, but who wants low quality makeup that will do nothing but damage your skin? It is true that Mac's products will be pricey, but they will last you much longer. As for the brushes, they were very well hand-made, and are good quality brushes that will last, so there is no excuse for them to not be a little pricey. Mac Cosmetics does not have cheap makeup, because it has phenomenal products, and each product will do something good for you.
In the last years Mac makeup was in business it has made such a success towards better makeup brands worldwide of careers. Ever since Mac came out in Canada it was such a hit, that it had 5 million product brands already sold in the last 2 years. This is why Mac makeup makes such a difference towards other makeup brands.
Some people don't understand that Mac makeup is such an amazing makeup company that it makes other makeup companies look foolish. This makeup company does not lie, for example; every single wording that is on the label on each product/makeup line is completely true. Every single type of makeup they have is so good, such as the concealer because one person said on yahoo that after she took off the concealer it made her skin so soft. This girl completely recommends Mac makeup.
Mac cosmetics has an organic line that is 100% pure and has no chemicals. This line is very expensive because its completely pure. This line say for the foundation doesn't have the best coverage because its completely pure and has a tinted texture. Mac cosmetics other products does have a certain chemical but does not harm the skin. This chemical has many pros such as good coverage, lasts long, smooth texture, neat and many more. Mac cosmetics is a great type of makeup to use.
MAC cosmetics were designed to hold up to the most grueling conditions.
Created in 1985 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo
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