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No description

Nhung Nguyen

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of STARBUCKS

Organization Structure & Environment
Organization Purpose & Design
Liao Wen - Amanda Lin - Aerie Nguyen
Organization Culture & Innovation
New ideas
Mission/Vision Goal
- To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time

- Coffee-quality

- Partners-passion, embrace diversity, and respect

- Customers- finding connection with customers

- Stores-creating an environment full of humanity

- Neighborhood-being responsible and wanting to be the leader

- Shareholders-everyone in touches with Starbucks can endure and thrive.

Strategies of Starbucks
- Competitive advantage: Good customer relationship

- Core competencies:
+ Research & Development
+ Quality
+ Relationship and reputation

Porter’s competitive forces
& strategies
Differentiation strategy
Higher prices but higher quality in their products and service

Miles and Snow’s strategy: analyzer strategy
- Most of Starbucks innovations are based on their foundation-coffee

- Invents products in a slow path and usually turn out with good results





Financial performance
Historical stock price
Net income
Total revenue
Organization structure at Starbucks
effective communication, great product development, efficient production
better customer service
focuses managers & employees on specific geographic regions and sales targets
Business Environment
Low uncertainty environment!
- Demand changes only gradually

- The distributor has an established delivery route, and supplies of coffee beans arrive on schedule
simple, stable environment
Adapting to a changing environment
Adding positions and departments
Global Chief Strategy officer

Global chief marketing officer

Chief community officer

Chief creative officer of global innovation and evolution fresh retail

Chief information officer
Building relationships
Being respectful of community concerns

Being locally relevant
Differentiation & Integration
Global channel development department

Global supply chain department

Global innovation & evolution fresh retails department

Global coffee department

very well prepared for operating business in the global market
Organic Management Process
decentralizing authority and responsibility to lower levels

encouraging employees to take care of problems by working directly with one another

encouraging teamwork

taking an informal approach to assigning tasks and responsibility
Dependence on External Resources
actively seeking diverse-owned businesses to purchase

Supplier Diversity Program
Influencing external Resources
Establishing Formal Relationship
- In US: Licensing
- Outside US: : Licensing
& Joint ventures
Starbucks Culture
- Study area

- International Cards
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