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Shakespeare Project

No description

Priscilla Tallo

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Shakespeare Project

Shakespearean Influences on
Modern Entertainment by:
Joshua, Priscilla, Lindsey, Kadesha Shakespeare is one of the most influential playwrights. His plays and sonnets remain popular among the theatre crowd. However, his impact is felt beyond the stage. His influence can be found in contemporary literature, music, and movies. As You Like It
As You Like It (2006) Taming of the Shrew
10 Things I Hate About You (1999) Othello
O (2001) A Midsummer Night's Dream
Were the World Mine (2008) Hamlet
Hamlet (2000) Merry Wives of Windsor
John Tucker Must Die (2006) Twelfth Night
She's the Man (2006) Romeo and Juliet
West Side Story (1961) Influences in Literature Is that you, Hamlet? The Lion King (1994)
Strange Brew (1983)
Let the Devil Wear Black (1999)
"To be or not to be..." and Yorick's skull, have been referenced multiple times in various other film and television shows. A sports novel for young adults, set in South America.
The book follows Otello, a black soccer player, and Desmerelda, his white celebrity girlfriend.
The story is inspired by Shakespeare's 'Othello'. A modernized tale of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'.
Many parallels between characters.
Updates the story to reflect the cultural tension between African-Americans and Hispanics in the United States. Tom Stoppard's play is the re-telling of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' through Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's point of view. Transfers the plot of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' to northern Minnesota.
The basic plot structure is present, with a few alterations to fit the modern novel. Adaptaion. Characters in the movie are named after the characters in the play, and they take on the same roles.
Ethan Hawke plays Hamlet. A young film student, whose father has died. Ethan Hawke's Hamlet is more dark and brooding than Shakespeare's. The overall plot is similar to Shakespeare's play. But adjustments were made to accommodate the modern audience.
The movie takes place in New York, as opposed to Denmark.
Instead of being King, Hamlet Sr. was the President of the Denmark Corporation. His brother, Claudius, took over after his death.
The "play within a play" is replaced with a movie screening for one of Hamlet's films; it becomes a movie within a movie.
Every medieval aspect was replaced with it's modern counterpart, except for the language.
Original Shakespearean language and dialogue is used. The movie is a good learning supplement to understanding the play. However, it should be watched AFTER reading the play in order to fully appreciate it.
The use of Shakespearean language in a modern setting is off-putting. Influence. The main character in the movie, John Tucker, is Falstaff's counterpart. Falstaff is a knight in Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor who thinks he can get away with seducing two women to gain access to their husbands' cash. John Tucker seduces multiple women at the same time.
Mistress Ford and Mistress Page are the two women Falstaff tries to seduce, their movie counterparts are Kate, Carrie, Heather, and Beth. John Tucker Must Die revolves around the plan that four girls come up with to get revenge and humiliate John Tucker, who has been dating all of them at the same time. This is reminiscent of the Falstaff plot line in Merry Wives. This movie is not an adaptation of Shakespeare's play, but connections can be made between the two pieces of work. Influences in Music NOW PLAYING: Shylock Sings the Blues
based on Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice
puts the Merchant of Venice in the gangster underworld of New Jersey in the 1950s.
the songs stick to the play's plot, for the most part, and it gives a look into the main characters' minds.
i.e., "The Devil Told Me"
about Launcelot Gobbo's monologue about leaving Shylock's service. Events in the play have been rearranged for the movie.
The film opens with Rosalind crying and Celia comforting her about the Duke's banishment, as opposed to the fight between Orlando and Oliver. The movie is set in Japan in the 1880s.
Samurai and Sumo wrestling scenes added to accommodate the new setting. Some scenes have been left out altogether.
When Celia an Rosalind initially find the poems, instead of Rosalind worrying about being dressed as a man, she immediately starts to deceive him into wooing her/him.
The homoerotic undertone is no longer present, Rosalind simply puts on a hat and coat as her "disguise". Characters are more or less exactly as they appear in the original play with the exception of Oliver and Orlando.
No character acts differently from the original play.
Hymen, the goddess of marriage, is absent from the final marriage ceremony. Even with the addition and re-arrangement of select sequences, the movie still maintains the play's original plot. The scenario, on the whole, is the same as the original.
Despite being set in Japan, the movie gives the same sense of atmosphere as Shakespeare's play. Plot is LOOSELY based on the original's premise.
The play was focused more on Bianca, whereas the movie is focused more on Kat. The movie is a giant reference to Shakespeare: Bianca and Kat's last name is Stratford, two people are seen in Elizabethan era costumes, and there is a rap about Shakespeare. The original cast of characters have been replaced with a group of high school teens.
Characters' names are different, except for Bianca.
Kat is the titular "shrew".
Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) is the equivalent of Petruchio of Verona. In terms of Scene, Sequence and Scenario, all three are completely altered. There is barely a resemblance to the original play. The movie takes place in a modern high school.
The play's overall plot remains intact.
Some scenes have been added to suit the new setting, but they only enhance the story for the new audience (i.e., the dunking competition) At first, the movie may be seen as a loose adaptation but can be considered as an intermediate adaptation.
The movie transports Shakespeare's Othello into modern day effectively. Othello=Odin
Othello is a noble Moor; he had to work hard. He is well liked, but is insecure and easily manipulated.
Odin is also a beloved figure in his high school.
They are both African American.
Iago is bitter because he wasn't chosen as Othello's right hand man. He uses other characters to cause the downfall of Othello.
Hugo is jealous of Odin as he believes he should be head of the basketball team. Also uses his friends to cause Odin's downfall.
They both make it their mission to ruin the main characters' life and succeed.
Other Characters
Desdemona=Desi: they both have important fathers.
Roderigo=Roger: both characters are obsessed with Desi/Desdemona The lead character, Timothy, is cast as Puck in the school musical.
Timothy takes his role as Puck to heart. He finds the recipe to make the "love in idleness" flower.
Timothy goes around making people fall in love with someone of the same gender.
(Timothy is a gay student who gets ridiculed in his town, and wants everyone to see how he feels.) This is a film influenced by Shakespeare's play.
His influences can be found in the movie title, the use of his play, and the underlying themes of the movie.
Although this is not a direct adaptation of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", it is an interesting look at how his plays can be used in new and modern stories. In the movie, students put on a school play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream", at their high school.
Aspects of the play are seen in their real lives.
In both the movie and the play, everyone falls in love with the wrong person.
Both the movie and the play use a flower as the object to spread a love potion.
The movie uses Shakespeare's words for the musical numbers and title of the movie.
The film's climax is the performance of the play. By the end, just like the Shakespearean play, everything is set right. She's the Man (2006) Twelfth Night Both She's the Man (2006) Twelfth Night Both Duke: soccer captain of Illyria High School Orsino: Duke of Illyria In love with Olivia
Enlists Viola to help win Olivia's heart Olivia: popular girl at Illyria High School Olivia: Countess of Illyria Falls in love with Viola Viola: disguises as a man (twin brother Sebastian) after the girl's soccer team is cancelled at her school; Duke is her new roommate Viola: Disguises as a man (takes the alias Cesario) to serve the Duke of Illyria In Love with Duke, but he thinks she is a man
Has a twin brother, Sebastian Sebastian: Travels to London for his band Sebastian: thinks he is lost at sea Has a twin sister, Viola CHARACTERS PLOT Olivia professes her love for Sebastian
Duke ends up with Viola, and Sebastian with Olivia Olivia grieves at the end Olivia grieves over her ex-boyfriend Olivia grieves over her brother and father, who are dying. Olivia has a man trying to woo her. Malcom Feste tries to woo Olivia Sir Andrew Aguecheek tries to woo Olivia. This is a moderately accurate adaptation of the play. It should be watched after reading the play in order to make the connections and to enhance understanding.
Suggested as entertainment viewing only; not a substitute for reading the play. West Side Story (1961) Both West Side Story
(1961) Both Romeo and Juliet CHARACTERS Romeo and Juliet PLOT Tony and Maria Romeo and Juliet Theme of forbidden love Sharks vs. Jets Capulets vs. Montagues Rivals
Major confrontation between the camps Anita Anita and Juliet's nurse are very close to Maria/Juliet Juliet's Nurse Falling in love Kill a relative
(revenge) Death Maria and Tony see each other at a dance Romeo and Juliet see each other at the Capulet ball Tony kills Bernardo Romeo kills Juliet's cousin, Tybalt Rival gang kills Tony; Maria does not kill herself Romeo kills himself, thinking that Juliet is dead. Juliet awakens and kills herself, because Romeo is dead. An effective adaptation of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". Key themes are present. The movie brings Romeo and Juliet's story closer to home for new audiences. Film adaptations of Shakespeare's plays have been modernized to appeal to a younger generation; to re-introduce old stories. The material becomes less academic and more entertaining; easier to consume. Modern film adaptations help Shakespeare's works continue to be relevant. Many of Shakespeare's plays contain universal themes which are easy to appropriate to modern times.
Which is why his influence can be found in many bodies of work. These adaptations are not a substitute for reading the play. Although some come close, none of these movies can really capture the imagery and content of Shakespeare's work.
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