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Suleiman the Magnificent

This is all about Suleiman the Magnificent

renee faillace

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Suleiman the Magnificent

Who Was Suleiman the Magnificent? Suleiman the Magnificent was a Sultan. He had six sons and one daughter. He was the 10th Ottoman Sultan. Map of Ottoman Empire Major Achievements Suleiman the Magnificent Suleiman's Nicknames Sultan Suleiman had two nicknames.
One of his nicknames was "Suleiman the
Magnificent". The second nickname was
"The Lawgiver". They called him "Suleiman
the Magnificent because he did a lot of
magnificent affairs. They called him "The
Lawgiver" because he made good laws. Roxelana and Gulbehar Gulbehar was Suleiman's first wife and they had 5 children. Roxelana was Suleiman's second wife and they had 2 children. Suleiman always called Roxelana "The Laughing One". Suleiman would write to her everyday when he was at war. Suleiman conquered Rhodes. They put
bombs under the Island of Rhodes.
Then Suleiman conquered Belgrade
and Hungary. The reason for conquering
these countries is to make the Ottoman
Empire bigger. Architecture The architecture during Sultan
Suleiman's time was that Jews get
purple houses. Turks get yellow and
red houses. Grey houses for Greeks and
Armenians. Mimar (Architect) Sinan Mimar (Architect) Sinan was born on
April 15, 1489, in Agirnas. He was an engineer for
Sultan Suleiman, Sultan Selim II, Murad
III. He died on July 17, 1588 age 98.
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