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No description

TJ Chagger

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Sula

Toni Morrison

Inspiring story about:
motherhood, friendship and love
a friendship between two women
bond is tested by societal norms
feminism, racism, sexism

About the Author
Toni Morrison
focuses most of her writing on topics such as feminism, African American, as well as working-class literature

grew up in the time where segregation, racism and prejudice were widely spread across the south of the USA

uses her relationships and surroundings to motivate and inspire her to write Sula
Theme of Sula
: Oppression
: Gender roles cause women to become oppressed

Being subject to unjust treatment or control
Literary Devices in Sula
Used to help convey the theme of the novel
Allusion in Sula
allusion from an epigraph of the play, The Rose Tattoo by Tennessee Williams

“Nobody knew my rose of the world but me…I had too much glory. They don’t want glory like that in nobody’s heart” (The Rose Tattoo)

Imagery in Sula
utilises visual imagery of Sula’s birthmark which is shaped like a rose, to allow the reader to gain a better picture of the theme

“Sula was a heavy brown with large quiet eyes, one of which featured a birthmark that spread form the middle of the lid toward the eyebrow, shaped something like a stemmed rose” (Morrison. 52).
Symbolism in Sula
birds are used throughout Sula in order to deliver deeper and more meaningful thinking about the controversial topic of oppression against women

“accompanied by a plague of robins, Sula came back to Medallion” (Morrison. 89).

Sula is a type of bird
Why does this matter?
literary devices allow readers to clearly understand the matter of the text

in Sula, the theme is constantly portrayed in different ways in order to impact reader powerfully

in a way that is powerful and more meaningful than just stating the theme
great for anyone interested reading a novel from a feminist's point of view
Back to Toni Morrison
used her experiences to depict how she views the African-American and female treatment in the early 1900’s

setting in Sula closely resembles Morrison’s hometown, Lorain, where blacks were relatively poor and were living separate from the whites
Works Cited
Williams, Tom. "Plot Summary of The Rose Tattoo by Tennessee Williams - Literary Analysis." Plot Summary of The Rose Tattoo by Tennessee Williams - Literary Analysis. New York: Knickerbocker, 21 July 2014. Web. 21 July 2014.

Morrison, Toni. Sula. Barcelona: Ediciones B., 1993.
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