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Ancient Civilization- India

No description

simritha chethan

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Civilization- India

Ancient Civilizations - India
Savan Patel
Keval Gandhi
Shreya Kadi
Simritha Chethan


-empires were divided into many provinces

-provinces had local officials called rajukas

Government and Leadership
The caste system played an important part in Hindu life
It went hand in hand with karma
Citizens and Social Class
Writing System
Art Forms
Military and Defense
Mauryan Empire
Gupta Empire
Environmental Impact
Significance of India
Collapse of India
Gupta Indians developed a numeral system from 1-9 and a writing system as above
Mauryan Indian used the bhrami script
India was a focal point in the trade network in the Indian Ocean basin
-the history of art started off as rock paintings

-deities and gods were mainly sculptured by many
-people refused to pay taxes
-many invasions
-people abandoned India due to harsh climate
Monsoons were major impacts on India
Invented numbers 1-9,0
Developments in science and art
Expansion of Buddhism in Mauryan Empire
Defense- Himalayas, Indian Ocean, however open from West
Military- used archery, chariot technology, had elephants, infantry armies
Followed Hindusim and then Buddhism
Hinduism= Aryans, Buddhism= Siddartha Gautama
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