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The Notebook: Movie and Book.

Our Reading Project- Movie/Book Comparisons. (The Notebook.)

Cecillia Bae

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of The Notebook: Movie and Book.

The Notebook: A Closer Look 1. Basic Overview (Movie & Book). 2. Character Comparison (Movie) 3. Character Comparisons (Book). 4. Organization Comparisons (Movie). 5. Organization Comparison (Book). 6. Little Details. 7. Movie Trailer. 8. Voice (Movie & Book). 9. What Did We Like Better? 10. Differences & Why? The Notebook is an amazing book by Nicholas Sparks about two young lovers and the social differences which eventually tear them apart. Allie Nelson, a young, wealthy, beautiful girl falls desperately in love with Noah Calhoun, a young, handsome but poor boy. When Allie's parents dissaproves of the boy that she falls in love with and forces her to move back into the world she belongs in, the romance still does not end. This warm romance enriches the book full of surprises, both good and bad, and eventually ends with a beautiful and satisfying ending.
The movie and book were very similar and we were very surprised (as most books & movies are different). 1. Basic Overview By: Cecillia Bae & Janna Cappetti 2. Character Comparison (Movie) The two main characters in the book/movie were Noah Calhoune and Allie Nelson. Alllie is a wealthy city girl and Noah was a poor country boy. However, in the movie Allie is shown as a more stubborn and headstrong girl. She has fights with Noah and in the fight she is not afriad to express her opinion. Noah is also much like Allie: in the movie he seems more loud and opionated. He also is not afriad to express his feelings or Allie whether it be good or bad. In the book, Allie and Noah are both more gentle and kind. Noah is described as a more quiet, shy poet. He is always gentle and never has a bad thing to say to Allie. Allie is known to be compassionate and kind. She is also known to be very sophisticated and caring. 3. Character Comparisons (Book) 4. Organization Comparison (Movie) The movie starts off with an old man reading a story from a notebook to an old woman in a nursing home. We later find out that this is the old Noah and Allie. As the elderly man reads the story of Allie and Noah, the actual story takes place with young Allie and noah taking over the screen. Time by time we get taken back to reality (to the old couple in the nursing home). The movie ends with old Noah and Allie sleeping side by side in the nursing home. 5. Organization Comparison (Book) The book starts with old Noah narrating his life as an elderly patient as the nursing home. Soon, similar to the movie, he starts reading a story to old Allie from a notebook and the flashback of young Allie and Noah take place. However, the flashback in the book is shorter than in the movie and is very brief. Instead we are taken back to old Noah where he explains a very tragic change that happened to Allie while she was aging and the book ends exactly like the movie. 6. Little Details How they met:
Book- in a carnival.
Movie- Noah climbed on Allie's cart in the Ferris Wheel. Leaving:
Book- Allie and Noah said farewell on good terms.
Movie- Allie and Noah had a huge fight before Allie left. Allie meeting Lon:
Book- She met him at a party.
Movie- She was treating the wounded from the war and he asked her out on a date while she was treating him. The letters:
Book- Noah wrote her 1 letter a month (12 letters)
Movie- Noah wrote her a letter everyday for a year (365 letters). The end:
Book- Old Allie and Noah are sleeping side by side in the nursing room.
Movie- Old Allie and noah are sleeping side by side in the nursing room but die together that night. 7. Movie Trailer 8. Voice Comparison (Movie & Book) Movie: Third person. Old Noah is narrating the story of Young Allie and Noah to old Allie and it is all in third person.
Book: Noah talks in first person for a while about his nursing home and then switches to third person when he narrates the story to old Allie.Then, he switches back to first person when he goes back to the present. WE LIKED... The movie was better. It contained many more details that the book didn't includewhich is rare for a movie that was made from a book. The movie was very simple while beautiful and vivid. 10. Differences and why? We think the director made the differences because:
1. The book was too short, and the most important part of the book (where Allie and Noah were young and had their summer romance) was very brief and short.
2. A movie has to have many vivid, dynamic scenes to have the audience in tears, and that's what the director was trying to do. He succeeded.
3. He wanted the movie to be very romantic and passionate. He added scenes such as the Ferris Wheel scene and the scene where young Allie and Noah lie down on the street and look at the traffic lights because by doing that, more audience members (mainly girls) will be sitting on the edges of their seats.
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