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Cloud Computing

No description

vicky kieu

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Cloud Computing

Class: BA11
Members: Kieu Ngoc Phuong Hoai
Ma Gia Boi
Nguyen Pham Dai Phat CLOUD COMPUTING Convenient Flexible Huge Capacity Overview SaiGon Design
+ Including :20 designers; 5 management teams; 5 staff; 5 Sales teams.
+ Expecting to increase to 50 people in 1 year.
+ Expecting to increase to 70 people in 2 years.
+ Focus on increasing the number of designers; staff; sales teams.
+ No dedicated IT person. +There are many Cloud Computing Services.
+For all sizes of businesses from small to big ones. + Beautiful designed.
+ Automatically and wirelessly syncs users’ data to all their devices.
+ Good at Help and Support system + Suitable for small business.
+ Allows users to access applications through many devices.
+ Provides customers services in the official website such as: Estimate Your Costs; Compare Plans. (Plan Advisor Tool) + Easy to use
+ Industry-leading SLA offers 10.000% uptime guarantee.
+ Lacking breadth of features + Save on cost: Customers just pay only for what they use with no upfront investments.
+ Unlimited Storage: Store and manage an unlimited number of objects.
+ Reliable infrastructure + Unlimited storage space
+ No annual contract required.
+Flexible payment plans. Proposing A Cloud Solution For SaiGon Design Collective The numer of Designers through 2 years increase considerably Estimate The Increase In Size Of Each Team +Suitable for small business (User maximum 50). Microsoft is one of the most cost-effective +The storage space is suitable for the company's need. (250GB) SugarSync should also be chosen +Provides many necessary features.
+Available version for midsize business (User maximum 50.000+). +Helpful features and security. +Flexible on Access; Technical help & Support Calculation for the proposed solution USE COMPUTING DESKTOP OF MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 With 35 people, Microsoft price $6 per user/month: FOR DESKTOP 35 x $6 = $210/month With 50 people in 1 year: 50 x $6 = $300/month With 70 people in 2 years, Microsoft price changed into $8 per user/month: 70 x $8 = $560/month USE COMPUTING DESKTOP OF SUGARSYNC With 20 designers and 15 others, SugarSync prices are $24.99 & $4.99: FOR STORAGE 20 x $24.99 + 15 x $4.99 = $574.65/month With 30 designers and 20 others: 30 x $24.99 + 20 x $4.99 = $849.50/month With 44 designers and 26 others: 44 x $24.99 + 26 x $4.99 = $1229.3/month $24.99 for 1 designer's need (250GB) $4.99 for every others (10GB) SPECIFIC PRICE In 2012 In 2013 In 2014 +Provides Microsoft features THANK YOU FOR LISTENING + Have real "push" synchronizing system.
+ Good Data Security.
+ Provides large space to store the all files SG Designs' Requirements
All basic desktop application.
Social media solutions.
250GB data storage for designers.
10GB data storage for other person.
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