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Age of Exploration - Middle School

No description

Natalie Silva

on 21 February 2015

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Transcript of Age of Exploration - Middle School

Age of Exploration
New Route to Asia
Life in the Middle Ages
Foul Food Facts
wool sweaters
Silk Road

Motivations For Exploration -The 3 Gs: Gold, God, Glory
- wanted to spread
Christianity to Asian cultures
SS6H6 The student will analyze the impact of
European exploration

and colonization on various world regions.

Identify the causes of European exploration

and colonization; include religion, natural resources, a market for goods, and the contributions of Prince Henry the Navigator.

- wanted to make money by selling Asian products
- wanted to become famous
What is Exploration?
The action of traveling in or through something unfamiliar in order to learn about it.
Thorough analysis of a subject or theme.
Problems With Exploration
The main character was a merchant from Europe.

He was trying to find a place to sell his goods.

Meanwhile, he went shopping for silk.

More than silk (Spices, Tea, Porcelain)

He ran across viruses (letter), thieves (stole his gold card), scam artists (won prize)

What kind of economy was the Silk Road based on?
market economy
3 Monotheistic Religions
Long Journey
= lot of Goods & Resources
Do You Have What it Takes?
What is exploration?

What were the motivations for exploration?

What were the events that lead to exploration?

What were some of the problems with exploration?
Events that lead to Exploration
Imagine the crusades never happened, and the Silk Road still functioned today. Do you believe exploration would have happened?
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