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Mike Chen

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Family Affair Objective: Get parents involved so the fitness goes beyond just doing it after school. Implement: “Fitness is a lifestyle”

Monday: Field Day!
Softball, Baseball, Soccer

Tuesday: Take it to the Court!

Basketball, Dodgeball, tennis

Wednesday: RUN/WALK

Thursday: Jump rope for Heart

Friday: Fitness test!
Fun obstacle course Day by Day Fitness Real World Social Action School Garden The Targeted Group Purpose Funding Real World Social Action To help elementary school students and their families by promoting a health and wellness a series of programs. To create a garden within the school premises with the help of SJSU students, faculty, and parents. Students at the elementary school will participate in creating and maintaining the garden. In addition they will also be eating the produce that they help grow. Budget The students of Franklin McKinley Elementary -Fund raising

-Captain Planet Foundation
-Western Growing Foundation
-California Fertilizer Foundation
-Lowes Outdoor Classroom Grants Foundation -The main purpose of this proposed project is to create a school garden so that children and their families can participate in a different form of physical activity and to get students to adopt a healthy lifestyle by showing them where fruits and vegetables come from and why it is important to have proper nutrition. Total cost of the project ranges from 4,000 to 6,000.
In addition to the budget, the SJSU Botany, Biology, and Nutrition professors and students will help by volunteering to set-up and teach the students about creating, maintaining, and the nutritional benefits of the garden. California School Garden Network Critical Questions on Topic 1. How can we as college students create a plan to prevent obesity among children?

2. What type of plan can we implement into children so that they learn at an early age to eat healthy and participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity?

3. How can we incorporate San Jose State University into our plan?

4. What are the costs going to be? Other School Gardens Emerson Junior High Claremont Middle School Baird Middle School Conclusion -By having students participate in a hands on experience of growing fruits and vegetables, it will generate appreciation and curiosity towards the fruits and vegetables, thus creating an environment where students will want to sample the fruits and vegetables.
-In end, students will choose healthier choices and in turn lower the chances of growing up obese. References 1.Delprete, A. D. (2011). High fructose corn syrup and childhood obesity in the united states: an investigation of a casual relationship. Retrieved from http://universitynaturalmedicine.org/wp-content/uploads/High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup-and-Childhood-Obesity.pdf

2.Centers of Disease Control and Prevention

3.World Health Organization

4.California School Garden Network (http://www.csgn.org/) Factor #1: The Consumption of Soda Factor #5: Physical Activity Factor #2 The Idea of “eating out”. Factor #4: Socioeconomic Status Factor #3 Portion Size Factor #6: Family and Social Environment History of Hispanic-Sociocultural context and Identity Issues. Hispanic/Latino population and English learning social cultural context and identity issues -

Cultural influences on perception: Independent versus Collectivist

Migration: post-migration trauma, acculturation, and finding employment

Stress and depression in Hispanics:
Predisposing factors- genetic background, nutritional status, biological sensitivities, and general health.
Psychological factors – intelligence, verbal skills, personality, and self-esteem.
Socio-cultural factors – age, gender, education, socioeconomic level, religious upbringing, and cultural background. Rodriguez, E. 2010. Hispanic Voices: Hispanic Health Educators Speak Out - Chapter 10 - The sociocultural context of stress and depression in Hispanics 1st Solution: More fruits & vegetables Fruits & Veggies are healthy for us

- Consist mainly of water

- If buying in season, can be cheaper

- Contain a number of essential vitamins and minerals

- Most have no cholesterol and can reduce risk of disease Replacing unhealthy foods with healthier choices Instead of chips, fruits are available  
From: http://teamnutrition.usda.gov/Healthy/Portions_Kit/portion_sizes_school-age.pdf McKinley Elementary Lunch Menu 1st problem: Many students select their total lunch from a la carte items such as large servings of pizza, French fries, nachos and juice drinks. Instead of soda, water and low fat milk are serve. - Add variety

- Make more appealing by relating to kids Making it fun Second Solution: Limit the size portions In elementary schools, limit portions to specific sizes (examples for local consideration):
–  Snacks: 1.25 oz.
–  Cookies and cereal bars: 2 oz.
–  Bakery items: 3 oz.
–  Frozen desserts: 3 oz.
–  Yogurt: 8 oz.
–  Fries: 1 cup
–  Pizza: no more than 5 oz.
Limit beverage sales to water (any size), low- fat or nonfat (1% or less fat) flavored and unflavored milk, and 100% fruit or vegetable juices (no larger than 8 ounces for McKinley Elementary School) Third Solution: Mascot during Lunch - Volunteers commit to coming to the child’s school during the lunch hour once a week and commit to helping and motivating the student for 30 minutes. 

- Great motivation and encouragement for Kids to eat vegetables and fruits during lunch.

- Interaction and play with kids.

- Educate kids why vegetables and fruits are important to their body

Smile =happy tummy= healthy student Final Outcome Implementing a Healthy Lunch Program
Tyson & Meredith FACT:
American Association states...
"About one in three kids and teens are overweight or obese, nearly triple the rate in 1963"
Childhood obesity=#1 health concern among parents in the U.S.
Associated with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and elevated cholesterol levels
Physiological effects: low self esteem, depression, unsatisfied with body image Importance of fitness! BMI Goals Keeping a journal of workouts, activities, and diet Geo caching or hike and hunt Dance Party Swimming during summer Family & Fitness Obesity Hispanic Children Prevalence of overweight and obesity. Zoorob R, et al, Healthy families study: Design of a childhood obesity prevention trial for Hispanic
families, Contemp Clin Trials (2013). Centers for Disease control and prevention
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