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SWOT Analysis (Green Buildings)

No description

Neo Ting Ling

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of SWOT Analysis (Green Buildings)

SWOT Analysis (Green Buildings Industrial Cluster)
Low Carbon Living Lab (LCLL)
Unique Green Building Evaluation Standards (GBES)
Strong Governmental Support
Skilled Expertise

GBES - 100% Green Buildings
Hybrid benchmark that Singapore and Chinese expert teams have developed
Rated according to both environmental impact and energy efficiency
Strong Governmental Support
Launch of new R&D collaboration programme on green building technologies
IE Singapore announced S$9.5 million worth of assistance for Singapore-based companies
Strong governmental support
Support from both Chinese and Singapore governments
Convenient, conducive and stable platform for foreign companies seeking to enter the North China market
Wide press coverage
GBES Buildngs
Fulfil the requirements for energy, material, and water savings
E.g., Homes are oriented to benefit from daylight and natural ventilation
20–30% more efficient than standard homes
Comparison Table
Low Carbon Living Lab
Bigger scale in Tianjin Eco City as compared to Beijing or Qinghua University
First of its kind in China
Meets developers' needs more comprehensively
Low Carbon Living Lab
To test bed and demonstrate green building technologies

Practical and low cost environment

Excellent opportunity for companies to tap into the China market

First project applying for dual Platinum Awards under Green Mark and GBES
Participating Companies
ST Electronics Ltd
Alpha Biofuels (Singapore) Pte Ltd
KLW Holdings Limited
Building System and Diagnostics Pte Ltd
LHT Holdings Limited
CNA Group Ltd
Revolite LED Pte Ltd
Elmich Pte Ltd
Enersolar New Energy Technologies Pte Ltd
Sunseap Enterprises Pte Ltd
Engro Corporation Limited

Why is GBES a strength?
The high GBES will fetch a higher price for products since it is considered to be prestigious

Branding for companies and products
Skilled Expertise and Talent
Tap on large pool of expertise brought over by influential companies
Expertise in various key clusters
Leveraging on both global and local expertise
Lack of awareness
Perception of cost
Factors influencing low occupancy rate
Lack of Awareness
Large challenge towards widespread acceptance
Lack of accurate information regarding impact of green buildings
Marketing efforts not having intended effect
Leads to occupancy rate being less than ideal
E.g. By 2012, target number of people =12,000
However there is only 4,500 residents
Occupancy rate is around 37.5%
Perception of Cost
Higher premium (3%-5%) imposed
Misconception that only high technologies and expensive techniques are related to green buildings
A stumbling block in the quicker acceptance of green building concepts
Railway network will only be constructed in a few years
Relatively lower accessibility in recent years
Factors Influencing Low Occupancy Rate
Perception of Cost
“There is no significant difference in average cost for green buildings as compared to non-green buildings.”

Important to change the mindset of
Consumers being more concerned
Cost savings in the long run
Rising challenge of sustainability
Replicable and Scalable model

Unprecedented Process of Urbanization
Largest scale of urbanization in history
Share of China’s population living in cities more than doubled in past 30 years
Based on current trends, urbanization
in China will rise to about 64% by 2025
Rising challenge of sustainability
Reliability of the Landor Survey
Why is it an opportunity?

Consumers are more likely to purchase products from Green companies in Tianjin eco city

Unique branding of Tianjin eco city can value add the companies
Consumers becoming more concerned
Landor carried out a brand survey
Replicable and Scalable model
SSTEC focuses on technical solutions to achieve green targets

More Government-To-Government joint ventures between Singapore and China

Better bilateral relations
Landor is part of WPP PLC, the world's largest advertising firm
ImagePower® Global Green Brands Study
More than 9,000 people in 8 countries surveyed
Growing Resource and Environmental Pressures in Cities
Mega cities like Beijing and Tianjin facing shortages

E.g. 90% of waterways flowing through urban areas are contaminated

E.g. China accounts for 13 out of 20 most polluted cities
Need for new urban infrastructure

Tianjin Eco City therefore becomes a prime choice for developers and consumers

An opportunity for future eco-sustainability
Opportunity for Tianjin Eco City
2020 Action Plan
City of Vancouver has a 2020 Action Plan which they aim to be the greenest city in the world
Have already started on the action plan as approvals are underway
Very similar to Tianjin Eco City
Increase in number of Eco-Cities
Increased competition
Occupants may decrease
E.g. the number of eco-cities profiled has increased from
(2009 survey) to
in the present survey (Sept 2011)
Risk of going in the same direction as other projects
E.g. Dongtan in Shanghai
Expectations may be set too high
May lead to a perception of exclusivity
Proposed Marketing Strategies
Advertisement on business magazines and newspapers
Proposed Marketing Strategies
Government support to work with the other 8 functional zones
Divert SMEs and MNCs
Tianjin Eco City is the only city where it is mandatory for all buildings to be green
Creates a concentrated market for green solutions
Proposed Marketing Strategies
Companies to set up subsidiaries here
Aims to boost occupancy rate
Creates vibrancy
Growth of GDP
Proposed Marketing Strategies
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