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becoming a obgyn


mahogany blackmon

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of becoming a obgyn

what i want to be ...
when i grow up i want to become an ob-gy
it's not easy work you have to have at least 11 years of trainning,experrience,and college and internship Becoming an obgyn .
job description...
ob-gyn's are formally known to care for women they diagnose diseases and treat disease and disorder in the female reproductive system they also supevise deliveries duties and tasks...
the duties of an obgyn are
to care fo rfemale patients
who come in for prenatal
care or for internal organ situations.All reasons patients come in for treatment shall stay confidential unless released by patient if this procedure is not followed series of problems can occur.
tools used on the job...
and various other medicines an possibly needles work environment ...
about the only thing required are
gloves and a scrubs. The work environment is peaceful.A typical day on the job is getting done everything that is
required of you.
classes required to be an ob-gyn...
anatomy and

Mahogany blackmon Ob-gyn
cliniques are
located all over
the u.s.And procedures
change according to location
schools that offer training.
duke university
university of north carolina
and chapel hill An ob-gyn's salary
depends on how much experience you have how much trainning and how
long you have been working. career pathway...
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