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children in a changing society

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manbee4 manman

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of children in a changing society

Children in a Changing Society Hi! We are Joey, Julian, Campbell and Julia. We are the children in a changing society team from the personal issue class. We are currently inquiring into how the changing society, environment and attitude can impact on our lives and the society's role on ensuring welfare of all children. We are passionate about this issue because it will afect us at anytime.

Lines of Inquiry
1) The impact of our changing socciety, environment and attitude on children's lives

2)Society's role in ensuring welfare of all children

3)Building up resiliance and attributes at a young age. Introduction Near the beginning of our exhibition, we made a survey and interviewed every single student in Year 6. Our question was 'How severe do you think teenage suicide is, in Hong Kong?". Here are our results, presented into a pie chart. We also interviewed 30 students on their perspective on the changing society. How we organise ourselves Our role on ensuring welfare of children

Our role on ensuring welfare of children is our second line of inquiry and this prezi will be all about our findings to this line. Form, What is ensuring our welfare like?

It is how our family, teachers and other adults protect us and ensure we are safe and happy.

Our parents ensure our welfare by sending us to a school, providing us with food and water, giving us freedom and making us happy. Not ensuring our welfare means abusing us (physically, sexually or mentally) or not providing us with food, water etc. Causation, Why does our parents ensure our welfare like that?

Because they think it is the best way for you. Our parents are good parents because they learned from THEIR parents. They know what's best for you and try to fulfill our requirements. Change, how is the way our parents ensure our welfare changing?

Before, children were punished by their teachers and parents, but now, that won't happen because our parents know it is bad for us and it hurts us. Plus, it's already against the law. :p

Causation,Why is the society different from before

The society is different from before because
there has been more technology and safety than
before. There has also been equal rights between boy and
girls like now they can be educated and vote unlike
before they had to stay home and do housework such as
washing the dishes and hanging the clothes e.t.c
also you would spend more time with your friends because
there is more freedom. Also if you look a couple of genarations
back it would take a lifetime to earn a silver pence but now we live so richly and even if you look a window say that would only be for the rich. if you could travel back in time you would be treated as the rich so the society has actuly its changed quite alot. Perspective,What are children's point of view on the changing society?

Some children think's that the pollution has changed alot and its get's worse and worse.Alot also think that the goverment has been more strict about drug handler's and smoking. Alot of children just said:`Well.....nothing much has changed but personaly things has changed alot....you just don't notice it.'Alot also said:`Well...i don't really know alot but it's gotten more dangerous for going out because of the pollution and its gotten more with suicide againts teens and that's all i know'.Some people said the technology has changed and it's gotten more hi-tech. We intervied a total of 30-40 children's and most of them had the same answer's. Function, How do our parents ensure our welfare?

They provide us technology! When it is cold we have heaters. When it is hot we have aircon. We nowadays also have facebook and youtube.

We also can go to school and have good education. Since family's in Hong Kong are getting richer our parents can afford us to go to school.

Our parents also provides us clean drinks, food AND a good place to live in. Before in grandmas times they have NONE of that. Think how lucky we are!!!! Thanks for watching our prezzi!

Hope you like it! :) :) Connection,How are our welfares connected to other things

Our welfare is connected to a lot of things! Such as laws. Why laws? Because adults will be imprisoned, sentenced to death or requested to pay a fine if you don't ensure our welfare. Our welfares are also connected all the other children in the world! We are all children and we share the same rights. Ofcourse, lots of places are connected to our welfare too. Playgrounds are especially built so children can have fun. Schools are built to create a good learning environment for us so we can be educated. Responsibility, What responsibilities do my parents have to ensure my welfare?

My parents have the responsibility to provide us with education. That's why they sent us to school, so we can learn and have a good future.

Our parents also have the responsibilty to provide us food, water and our needs. Such as shelter, clothes and others. If they don't ensure our welfare then they might be imprisoned, sentenced to death or have to pay a fine.

Other than that, they also have the responsibilty to make sure we get proper medical care, and that we don't get hurt. Refelction, How do we know the society has changed?

We know the society has changed alot , we know by the new Hi-tech technology's the new modern buildings the pollution made by more and more Car's. We can't feel the society changing but we do know that it is changing.If we look back in the past, children don't sit all day playing computer or xbox do they? before we all know that children just play's with their neighbour's or hang in the park playing sports. Thank you for watching our prezi, we hope you enjoyed it ! :) :) :) :) :) :)
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